Some storm victims find refuge at NC State

Posted April 22, 2011

— Four families who have been living in shelters Garner and Wake Forest moved Friday to more permanent quarters on the campus of North Carolina State University.

Susan Grant, NCSU housing director, realized she had some available apartments in the graduate and family housing complex on Jackson Street and welcomed those who needed a roof over their heads.

The deadly tornado that swept through Raleigh April 16 destroyed 138 homes and damaged another 2,269, and repairs could cost residents more than $82 million, according to the city Inspections Department. Damage was greatest in the southeast Raleigh, the southern end of downtown and neighborhoods across the northeast section of the city.

NC State apartments NC State shelters some storm victims

Serita McMillan and her fiance' Johnny Baldwin lost their home in the storm. "The whole top came completely off," she said.

With no place to go, they stayed for a week in a shelter, living sleeping and eating in a crowd. An apartment on State's campus will give them a little privacy. Each comes with cots, a kitchen and a shower. 

Grant said the apartments were available because most student residents moved out while new fire sprinklers were installed. With that work complete, McMillan got an apartment to call her own.

"For now, we have a place to be," McMillan said. "That is a blessing." 
Grant said the university expected to accommodate 40 families.

The shelter at Garner United Methodist Church closed Friday evening.

The one at Heritage High School will close Sunday. Crossroads Fellowship, which normally holds church services at Heritage High School, will celebrate Easter Sunday services at their Millbrook Campus, at 2721 Millbrook Road in Raleigh.

At Camp Lejeune, 31 of 52 families displaced from the Tarawa Terrace housing area by Saturday's tornadoes were relocated to new permanent quarters within a week, said base spokesman Nat Fahy. The other 21 families will get be relocated by the first week in May, he said. More than 200 homes on the base were damaged in the storms and inspectors have decided to condemn at least 28, Fahy said.

Employees of Wake County and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are working with the Red Cross to find permanent homes for all of those who lost theirs in the storm.


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  • lyteoflife Apr 22, 2011

    I hope this isn't taken wrong...but does anyone know of any high school jr/sr that lost their things? I know 2 or 3 schools are having prom next weekend and I would love to help a few girls out that could have lost their dresses. It would be nice to see them smile and have a nice time for one night...something good to remember in these times (besides still having their lives)

  • fsteinbach Apr 22, 2011

    Why must there be such controversy and petty arguments in this time of need? If you are sympathetic to the cause and are able to and want to contribute, you will find a way do do so. If not, get on with your life and let us take care of those who need help.

  • Coatza Apr 22, 2011

    "I do agree with you. Renters Insurance is really inexpensive. The problem is that a lot of people are here illegally in the Stony Brook situation....WritNEWlaws"

    You are correct, renter's insurance is extremely cheap. Someone can get $30,000 in coverage for as little as $14 dollars a month.
    A person's immigration status makes no difference over whether or not they can purchase renter's insurance. Trust me, I've worked in the insurance industry for over a decade and the insurance companies don't discriminate. Most people who buy renter's policies never need to use them, which is a huge revenue booster for insurance companies. Unfortunately, not all of these families had renter's policies to cover their lost personal items. A very hard lesson to learn, my heart goes out to these familes, regardless of immigration status.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 22, 2011

    Sorry, Camille has been replaced by Katrina, which is now the costliest storm of any kind to hit the continental US.

  • soyousay Apr 22, 2011

    hf...another govt bail out

    trolling again? Red Cross is not a govt agency

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 22, 2011

    hfweather - "MAYBE IT WILL SET A RECORD"

    Oh, I heartily doubt that.

    Ever hear of Hurricane Camille?

  • hfweather Apr 22, 2011

    The damage is in the MILLIONS, and $700K is helpful but is a drop in the bucket compared to what's needed.
    GOLO member since February 23, 2011
    April 22, 2011 4:34 p.


  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 22, 2011

    NCSU PHD -

    God bless your heart.

    May I suggest trying a church in the affected areas.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 22, 2011

    WritNEWS - "I was personnally affected by tragedy a while back and turned away from the Red Cross because I did not pay a yearly 75.00 fee!."

    I challenge that.

    I have never heard of anyone in true need being turned away from the Red Cross EVER, and I have never heard of the Red Cross requiring a yearly fee - NEVER!!!

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Apr 22, 2011

    WritNEW - "There should be enough money for these people since over 700K was raised by Mix 101.5 two days ago. It seems when people give then people are still left out in the cold and no one really knows where the money went."

    Surely you could figure that out on your own.

    The damage is in the MILLIONS, and $700K is helpful but is a drop in the bucket compared to what's needed.