Funerals held for Raleigh children killed in storm

Posted April 20, 2011

— The four Raleigh children killed when Saturday's storms sent a tree crashing into a north Raleigh mobile home were remembered Wednesday at a north Raleigh church.

Police said Christina Alvarez had gathered her two children – Daniel Quistian-Nino, 9, and Yaire Quistian-Nino, 6 months – and her two nephews – Osvaldo Coronado-Nino, 8, and Kevin Uriel Coronado-Nino, 3 – into a closet and was holding the baby when the storm rocked her home in the Stony Brook North mobile home park.

The three boys were killed instantly when a large tree slammed down on the home. The baby died Tuesday of her injuries.

Funeral services for all four children were held Wednesday evening at St. Raphael Catholic Church, on Falls of Neuse Road.

"It's a devastating event, and it came so suddenly," said Father Bob Hussey of St. Raphael. "Grief often comes, as for them and all people, in waves. It just overwhelms you at times, and then you just have to take a breath. Both families are people of great faith."

Pope Benedict XVI sent his condolences to the children's families, according to Bishop Michael Burbidge, who oversees the Raleigh Diocese of the Catholic Church.

"The message from the Holy Father is one of condolence, sympathy," Burbidge said. 

What started with a somber tone, quickly turned into a vibrant celebration of the lives of the four children.

"We feel a lot of peace in our hearts and we know they are with the Lord now," Alvarez said. 

The bodies of two of the children were being sent to Mexico for burial. Burial plans for the other two haven't been set.

The storm left 52 of the 200 mobile homes in Stony Brook North uninhabitable, police said. Twenty-seven of those homes were destroyed.

Funerals held for Raleigh children killed in storm Funerals held for Raleigh children killed in storm

City officials allowed residents to return to homes that weren't seriously damaged on Tuesday afternoon. Raleigh Fire Department personnel assisted residents who needed to retrieve belongings from homes that are no longer habitable.

Officials recommended that people leave donations for the Stony Brook North residents at the emergency shelter set up at Heritage High School, on Forestville Road in Wake Forest. People can also make online donations through Catholic Charities.


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  • Praisegod Apr 21, 2011

    wow, my heart goes out to the family. As for some of these posts REALLY???? A family has lost all of their children!!! Talking about people shouldn't live in homes with trees around them. I can tell you I have so many trees around my home I would love to have most of them gone, because of the danger of falling but I can't afford to even cut one down. Unless your willing to pay for it, then you should keep your comments to yourself. Thesedays with the economy, people don't have enough gas money or food, so cutting trees down for most is way out of the question. WOW

  • sweetpea41 Apr 21, 2011

    All these people talking,i lost my daughter 8yrs ago and it's stil hard to live with,know one can tell you how you feel unless they experienced this themselves.My prayers are with these mothers and family members.

  • freedomrings Apr 21, 2011

    Go_Away_Bob_Etheridge :

    If you go to church, then you know not judge.

    How dare you even pretend to know what this mother is thinking?

  • soyousay Apr 21, 2011

    I... streams of tears to my eyes" really

    ok trickles, misty eyes whatever - you're point being what? oh and just maybe Hater that is all they could afford

  • Iworkforaliving Apr 21, 2011

    "streams of tears to my eyes"

  • Hater like Darth Vader Apr 21, 2011

    I don't see why anyone would want to live right up under trees anyway. I lived in Onslow County for 13 years and figured out very quickly that Tree+House=Bad

  • soyousay Apr 21, 2011

    go away Seems shady,

    really, really really - the children we killed to get the mother on talk shows. You family must be very proud

  • happy2.0 Apr 21, 2011

    The picture of the tiny casket just brought streams of tears to my eyes. God Bless you Alvarez family, in this horrible time.

  • passport423 Apr 21, 2011

    God bless.

  • TooMuchGovt Apr 21, 2011

    So how hard would it be for trailer park owners to provide one safe concrete shelter for their tenants to use durimg extreme weather? No electricty, plumbing or windows would be heeded. Poor folks just don't always have the means to escape even when a weather warning is announced.