NC getting good, chilly soaker

Posted March 30, 2011

— A front passing over North Carolina Wednesday brought "a good soaker" and chilly temperatures to the Triangle. 

The rain will taper off in the evening. Scattered thunderstorms are possible, mainly south of the Triangle. 

Temperatures won't get out of the 40s Wednesday and will dip into the upper 30s overnight.

On Thursday, a second front will push through the state, creating the chance for more rain. Rainfall is expected to be lighter than on Wednesday.

Temperatures won't be much higher on Thursday – the high will be in the low 50s – but a warm-up is predicted to begin on Friday.

Friday's high will push into the upper 50s, and by the weekend, the 60s will make a return.


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  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Mar 30, 2011

    Have a little more crack geo. Before you fall in one.

  • kikinc Mar 30, 2011

    Actually, the ignore button works until they begin to post under another screen name. I stopped using it. I honestly find the juvenile back and forth that goes on here sometimes to be very entertaining.

  • geosol Mar 30, 2011

    Sorry Sean, but the percentages of groundwater drinking water sources in NC is on the order of 50% statewide. Keep in mind that new development in the suburbs usually occurs outside of municipal infrastructure (initially). Lots of commercial public water supply comes from community wells. Its also worth considering that about 40 - 60% of surface water in the NC piedmont comes from baseflow (groundwater discharge).

  • for the people Mar 30, 2011

    sean, the issue of drought, or lack of rain, or groundwater is or other subsets of the larger discussion is not a new one for me to look at and discuss. i've read many articles along the way. i did look at the resources that were posted today along with many others.

    respectfully, i don't read you as someone i would engage with. so know that this is the last time i will do so.

  • geosol Mar 30, 2011

    wolfpack12 wrote - "Aunt Gertrude aka "waiting for my tax increase" aka "waiting for a real snow," whats wrong with you dude? Your life consists of waiting for weather stories to come out and then complain complain complain. I bet you support Obama too. Find something to do!" Actually that thing you're referring to is a far right winger. It slipped up one time on a weather thread and mentioned that "its to get revenge on WRAL for their "liberal bias". Problem is, the poor sod turns off far more people to his little "crusade". Personally, i think its GREAT that this defect is a winger.

  • seankelly15 Mar 30, 2011

    DrierThanAuntGertrude - Losing - and just as daft as Charlie Sheen.

  • seankelly15 Mar 30, 2011

    bost - Did you read the article or the other articles in the newsletter.? Had you or the German Dr. Phil read any of those articles you would have seen that everything related to ACTUAL COASTAL COMMUNITIES - none of those communities are in the Triangle.

  • seankelly15 Mar 30, 2011

    kikinc - I am never rude to people. German Girl began by offering psychological assessments of me. I never questioned HER PSYCHOLOGICAL state - which I EASILY could. There is no IGNORE BUTTON - maybe you believe there is one. There is a Report Abuse button which I rarely use but have with the many lovely iterations of "Gertrude". German Girl has attacked me previously and I will confess that I dislike her - her comments are generally superfluous and reflect a shallow mind. I would never offer that opinion UNLESS someone attacks me. Know your FACTS before offering an opinion.

  • seankelly15 Mar 30, 2011

    deutschgirl89 - He said to "get a job". I responded that I had one. And to eliminate concern for the quality of the job I proffered that mine was better than theirs. Noting wrong there.

  • for the people Mar 30, 2011

    there are 10 million counted residents by the recent census that live in north carolina. this state is still very rural. i see the claim of 50% of those use groundwater for wells as reasonable. if not, then maybe as much as 40%. the largest counties by population in in nc have maybe 50% of the population total. not everyone in wake county uses municipal water. the largest county. it may be a higher % than some think.