Light rain, sleet fall in central NC

Posted February 3, 2011
Updated February 4, 2011

— Light rain and sleet were falling throughout central North Carolina early Friday as a system that could drop up to an inch of rain arrived.

"Do you know where your umbrella is? You will definitely need it this afternoon as rain chances rise up to near 100 percent," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

WRAL viewers reported sleet falling in Wake Forest and Bunn in Franklin County before dawn, as temperatures hovered in the low 30s. The sleet was not expected to cause any significant problems, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said. 

Rain will be light Friday morning but will become heavier and steadier throughout the day, driven by a low pressure system bringing moisture from the Gulf of Mexico

The day will remain chilly, with a high in the upper 30s.

Rain will continue overnight and into Saturday morning and afternoon. By then, as much as an inch of rain might have fallen.

Clouds will clear up late Saturday, letting in a last-minute bit of sunshine. The sun will dominate the skies on Sunday.

Highs for both days will be in the low to mid 50s.


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  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Feb 7, 2011

    TIme to brine ahead of the non-event coming Thursday. You've got 3 days DOT Brine Barn, now is the time to act and save lives!

  • lma1973 Feb 4, 2011

    Well it stopped raining here and i looked at the radar and put it in the 1 hour loop and the precip is moving east!!! And on top of that, what is up with the cloud and snowflake emblem for Friday night? Come on WRAL.

  • lma1973 Feb 4, 2011

    We have a 1/2 inch of sleet on the ground over this way....or is that brime? I cant tell...guess its all the same at this point. Have fun getting in brime-ball fights and making brime-men kids!!

  • flyingcheetah92 Feb 4, 2011

    seankelly15-HAHAHAHA thank you!

  • lma1973 Feb 4, 2011

    Wow it sure is pouring out there!!!!

  • seankelly15 Feb 4, 2011

    Colossal drought has arrived - colossal is an adjective used to denote the size of some object. Drought is a meteorological term for a period of time where little precipitation has fallen. Drought is not an object and thus cannot be modified by colossal.

  • musthavecoffee Feb 4, 2011

    *Yawn* It was funny at first, but now it is just dull.

    So why do I keep coming back?! I think it's an addiction.

  • jsull Feb 4, 2011

    I had heavy sleet in downtown Raleigh 10 pm Thursday nite.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Feb 4, 2011

    It better start raining a whole lot more than it has so far or we won't get anywhere near an inch before it ends. As Gertrude and Bobble predicted.

    Even after this rain, it's not severe drought, it's COLOSSAL DROUGHT!

  • geosol Feb 4, 2011

    You know what's really funny about the usual hater troll comments here? 80% of the folks who read these articles could care less what the trolls think, and the other 20% are just happy that the trolls are so miserable.