Snow moves north, freezing rain creeps into Triangle

Posted January 10, 2011
Updated January 11, 2011

— Triangle residents only saw traces of snowfall Monday, but southern counties were hit with up to 6 inches. Precipitation shifted from snow to sleet and freezing rain Monday night, which may make for an icy morning commute throughout central North Carolina.

"We see a myriad of precipitation across the area with snow in Roanoke Rapids and Louisburg to freezing drizzle at Raleigh Durham International Airport," said WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze.

Throughout the night, Maze said, snow is expected to gradually change from a snow-sleet mix to freezing rain and eventually to freezing drizzle around daybreak Tuesday.

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said freezing drizzle could create icy patches on the roads, but it won't accumulate enough to cause massive power outages.

Several school districts, including Chatham, Hoke, Cumberland, Harnett and Moore counties, cancelled Tuesday classes in anticipation of icy roads. Wake and Durham schools planned to open Tuesday, but on a two-hour delay.

Flakes started falling in Apex and Holly Springs around 3 p.m., and in Raleigh at 4 p.m. but Triangle residents only saw a light dusting by evening.

"A lot of folks have seen snow today, but it's been a devil of a time trying to get it in the Triangle," said Maze.

Snow fell across parts of western and central North Carolina around dawn Monday, and areas along the coast and south of Fayetteville saw some accumulation.

Six to seven inches fell in and around Laurinburg, 5 inches in Raeford and Rockingham, and about 4 inches in Aberdeen and Southern Pines.

Authorities said snowfall totaled 3 inches in Fayetteville, but the WRAL WeatherCenter received numerous unofficial reports that some parts of Fayetteville received 6 inches.


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  • Axtel Jan 10, 2011

    All I see here is Mike Maze was the fall guy.

  • sumelvis Jan 10, 2011

    Wow, this guy is pretty grumpy, maybe you do need to go on to bed. I believe that the folks at WRAL does the best that they can to keep viewers safe. I would rather them report on the more cautious side than not and get blindsided at some point with a larger storm.

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 10, 2011

    Oh, and don't forget, "If snow doesn't fall by 8 p.m., it's over."

    Darn, looks like it's over then. Did it ever start?

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 10, 2011

    I must go to bed now, so that I am rested for another day of fun in the sun tomorrow with all you loving people. Please enjoy the rest of your non-eventful evening and don't worry about the morning commute. The boss accepts to see you in on time.

    Right seankelly!

  • BabyS Jan 10, 2011

    rescuefan, not sure how old you are but it's not about "hating WRAL" - that's immature. Personally I like the site and the station. Simply commenting on things that they could do to improve. Constructive criticism doesn't equal "hate".

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Jan 10, 2011

    "Facts aren't known until it actually happens"

    Then don't speculate and hype a week before nothing happens, then make excuses and throw tantrums when it doesn't.

  • rescuefan Jan 10, 2011

    If ya'll hate WRAL so much, why do you come here and read (and comment on) the stories? Really, just go to one of those other stations' websites and bask in their so accurate forecasts. BabyS and mavsmon, it's obvious you don't like WRAL, so why continue to waste your time by coming here?

  • BabyS Jan 10, 2011

    AtALost, kind of like you ignored what we wrote. Nothing about the forecast. I can look at the forecast and get an idea of what the weather is going to be and i'm fine with that. What was referred to is the accompanying "stories" that WRAL has a habit of putting on the front page, in this case, days in advance. That's not necessary.

  • AtALost Jan 10, 2011

    Uh, BabyS and mavsmon, the weather forecast is speculative. Facts aren't known until it actually happens. They always say things could change, but I guess people don't hear or ignore that part.

  • BabyS Jan 10, 2011

    You hit the nail on the head. In an effort to be the first to report a potential "story" they rush to put this speculative information out there and then start backtracking when it doesn't look plausible. Something simple like "we're keeping our eye on a potential snow event" would be good enough without sensationalizing it by making predictions about how many inches is going to fall.