'Dramatic change' coming with warm weekend weather

Posted December 28, 2010

— North Carolina residents can expect a "dramatic change" in the weather this weekend as temperatures soar to 65 degrees on Saturday and 60 on Sunday, according to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner.

Tuesday saw a big warm-up from the early morning hours when temperatures dipped into the teens to mid-afternoon when the mercury topped 45 degrees.

Just before noon, the National Weather Service lifted winter weather advisories that had been in effect for much of the central part of the state.

The warming trend will continue through Wednesday, which will be mostly sunny with a high around 46 degrees.

"By the time we get to Thursday and Friday, temperatures are really climbing on up into the mid to upper 50s," she said.

Saturday won't be the prettiest-looking day because of the cloud cover, according to WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze, but at least it will be warm.

It will likely be in the 40s and dry when the acorn drops in Raleigh on New Year's Eve, Maze said. That's about 10 degrees above normal.

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

Temperatures inch even higher on Thursday and Friday with 50 and 58 degree highs, respectively.

Friday's high temp will be above normal for only the second day this month, according to Gardner.

"Hey, it’s nice to have a warm up to look forward to," Gardner said. "Make sure you take some time to get outside (this weekend) and enjoy this New Year's break from the cold."


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  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Dec 28, 2010

    It's flurrying out there right now! I think I hear the plows coming, I gotta move my car.

  • drj32 Dec 28, 2010

    I love wasting my time in speaking against people who give two its about the environment we live in. They have scientific facts and all, but my Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone book that I keep bedside makes no mention of climate shift/change. SMARTEN UP!

  • lma1973 Dec 28, 2010

    It got up to 48 today...way past the high of 42 that was forecast. Nice!

  • rufiedufie Dec 28, 2010

    everybody complains when it is cold, everybody complains when it is hot. so what do i look forward to is spring and fall when the weather is at a happy medium.

  • Arapaloosa Dec 28, 2010

    The real "Inconvenient Truth"... Icy roads cause accidents! Bring the warming!!

  • Caveman93 Dec 28, 2010

    Oh noes! The dreaded global warming cometh this weekend! What shall we do?

  • lma1973 Dec 28, 2010

    I see we had more wind-chill related issues with the roads today too. Unreal....the 60's cant get here fast enough!! This weather is insane.

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Dec 28, 2010

    lma1973 -- you were probably seeing snow coming off of the tree branches because of the wind blowing. The snow stopped on Sunday.

  • dcblackburn1963 Dec 28, 2010

    it was NOT "flurrying" the past two mornings...the wind was blowing the snow out of the trees!

  • lma1973 Dec 28, 2010

    Well all i know is that the last 2 mornings it has been flurrying on the way into work and on the commute home. Im ready for it to be over.