Trees keep man's SUV from deadly plunge

Posted December 16, 2010
Updated December 17, 2010

— A Blowing Rock man said a combination of Mother Nature and a miracle saved his life Sunday when his SUV slid off a cliff.

Walter Holloway was coming down his driveway near the Cliff Dwellers Inn when he turned, but his vehicle slid forward and rolled. He lay there in his SUV, which lodged on its side in a nest of branches.

"I was laying on the passenger window and I hoped it would hold; Toyota's got a good window," Holloway laughed.

"I peeped down, but I only did it once," he said. 

A child in a passing car saw Holloway's SUV and asked his parents to call 911.

Holloway and his rescuers believe there was something more than just the trees blocking him from a fall.

"We were surprised to see the vehicle didn't come off the cliff onto Highway 321," said Aaron Miller, of the Blowing Rock Fire & Rescue team. Blowing Rock cliff Doctor tells of wait for rescue

The crew used a tow truck and chains to secure Holloway's car and a bucket truck to remove him to safety.

David Rogers, a photographer for the Blowing Rock News, snapped a series of photos of Holloway's SUV suspended on the cliff's edge.

"There are angels around," Holloway said. "For people who don't think there are angels around, tell them to look at this picture."


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  • melduck56 Dec 17, 2010

    To Carla349 and cats; spend 30 years studying the scriptures, experiencing and witnessing miracles of healing and divine intervention and then talk to me about science. By the way, I do have a working knowledge of physics, having studied it as an undergraduate.

  • peppercorns Dec 17, 2010

    We, as individuals, can attribute it to whatever we want but either way it was a great gift for the man involved and his family for the holidays. Maybe instead of bickering we could all be thankful that we live in a Country where we can express our opinions and thoughts freely.Just ask the professor in China who won the Noble prize but he and his family as persecuted for it and for his teachings of freedom. Be grateful for what we have, you can bet Dr. Holloway is!

  • ONGODSPATH Dec 17, 2010

    When one has a working knowledge of physics, angels seem less likely.-carla349

    God is real. And He is all around us. Yes you may have an understanding of physics but do you have an understanding of faith, trust and belief. It is my prayer that you are touched by God Almighty and he speaks to and that you recieve his word and his blessings for you. These words are not meant to offend.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Dec 17, 2010

    No need to argue with atheists. In time, they will hopefully come to understand. All we can do is spread the word and show our love and faith. When the time is right, they WILL realize there is something more than the physical things they see in life.

    I was also in an accident very similar to this when I was 18. I was coming off of a curvy mountain road with a girlfriend and our sisters in the car. I looked off for a moment and wound up in some high weeds. The car wouldn't stop. We slid down a small enbankment towards a drop off the side of the mountain. We were in a large old-model heavy car. The car hit a small tree about 4 inches in diameter right in the center of the front bumper. The tree folded over slightly, but stopped the car. A foot futher from the tree was the steep dropoff. We were able to get out of the car and climb the hill to the road. Windows were shattered and we were bleeding from cuts. But everyone was OK other than deep bruises and cuts. That was our angel.

  • Cats Dec 16, 2010

    Agree with Carla349. Spend ten years studying engineering, physics and various sciences, then talk to me about God. If you're not willing to do that then I ask where's your faith?

  • Cats Dec 16, 2010

    Two years ago my step daughter had her second child early one morning in October. That evening her husband left the hospital and was killed in an accident on his way home."Appointed to die on that day ???" You can't be serious. You might feel differently if it happened to you.

  • carla349 Dec 16, 2010

    When one has a working knowledge of physics, angels seem less likely.

  • twat Dec 16, 2010

    "That is God's work right there!! Praise the Lord!"

    Seriously? Sounds sadistic to me. Allow the car to go off the road (which he/it could have prevented), let the occupant go through a horrific experience thinking he's going to die and at the last minute say "just kidding". If real, quite possibly the most sadomasochistic individual ever.

  • missy01 Dec 16, 2010

    Okay you guys going back and forth about angels picking and choosing...the bible says "it is appointed unto man once to die." Everyone has an appointment on God's timetable. This man who survived this wreck was not "appointed" to die that day...and all the other 115 who died in wrecks were. But a near death or someone else's death should cause us to be ready for our appointment...and thankful for another day.

  • weston Dec 16, 2010

    Not at all bitter. I just find it strange when people attribute these things to a higher power, when it's just a matter of chance. When someone dies in an accident, why don't these same people ask where the angels were in all those cases?

    And yes, I am glad to hear this type of good news, and I am glad it's reported, and of course I'm glad he lived!