Frisco Pier damage causes heartbreak

Posted September 5, 2010

— Hurricane Earl caused extensive damage to the landmark Frisco Pier and left behind heartbreak in those who love the pier that's been a landmark on Hatteras Island for five decades.

Hurricane Earl, which passed 55 miles off Hatteras as a Category 2 storm early Friday, tore away some sections and buckled other portions of the pier.

"My husband and I are natives of the island, and we love this pier ourselves," Angie Gaskill, owner of the Frisco Pier, said. Frisco pier damaged by Hurricane Earl Hurricane Earl damages OBX landmark

Gaskill and her husband Tom bought the pier after it was damaged by Hurricane Isabel in 2003, she said, and he's worked hard to repair it.

"He rebuilt it after Isabel. It's blood, sweat and tears, is what it is for me," Gaskill said.

Malcolm Peele said his uncle used to run the Frisco Pier, and he considers it part of his family history.

"We spent years down here. It's just been a real special place to us," Peele said. "We spent time on the pier, under it, around it, swimming, fishing, spending nights out on the pier."

Gaskill said she and her husband want to rebuild the pier, but doing so will be tough. She estimated it could cost at least $500,000.

"It's a costly structure," she said. "As far as the income, it doesn't make the money to repair what you see."

Gaskill couldn't say when reconstruction on the pier might begin.

"I really hate to see what's happened to it," Peele said.


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  • ljames Sep 8, 2010

    Why don't the owner's set up some type of fund/account and ask for donations to help finance the repairs. I know of several regular vacationers that use to enjoy the pier and would be willing to donate. This sort of thing was done successfully in Virginia after Isabel destroyed the Buckroe Beach Pier. I used to stay in Frisco twice a year to use the pier. I know stay in Avon when on vacation.

  • lizbfox Sep 7, 2010

    What hasn't been mentioned is that since recent repairs, last fall & winter's heavy nor'easters further damaged the pier. It was an extremely heavy storm year and Earl just dealt the most recent blows. I miss the pier.....I remember my grandfather fishing from it. My own children enjoyed fishing from it. It was a safe gathering place in the evening when the fish were biting. Many, many folks miss it, and I do wish that a grant could be found to assist in its restoration.

  • rixida Sep 6, 2010

    But if you dont have it, you cant spend it- money, that is. Those who talk like they have a money tree in their backyard either do have one or are not very realistic.

  • flyingcheetah92 Sep 6, 2010

    Some people are not motivated strictly by money...

  • Viewer Sep 6, 2010

    "It's a costly structure," she said. "As far as the income, it doesn't make the money to repair what you see."

    I'm a little thickheaded, but why would someone invest money to rebuild a pier which won't repay the investment?