Severe weather leaves behind damage

Posted April 25, 2010
Updated April 26, 2010

— A severe storm moved through parts of central North Carolina Sunday evening, prompting the National Weather Service to issue tornado and thunderstorm warnings.

WRAL's Greg Fishel retracts the path of Sunday's storm Fishel retraces the path of Sunday's storm

The storm started just before 8 p.m. in Zebulon and moved toward Nash and Edgecombe counties. Viewers sent in photos of storm rotations.

"Right near Zebulon, there were reports of trees down at about 7:49 p.m. on Highway 96 and 64," said WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel.

The storm then moved out of Wake County and toward the Rocky Mount area, bringing rain, large hail and strong winds.

"The storm was impressive in Nash County but then expired as it moved into Edgecombe County, losing its rotations," WRAL Meteorologist Kim Deaner said.

Spring Hope woman describes storm damage Spring Hope woman describes storm damage

Robyn Reynolds said she got a tornado warning call from WRAL's WeatherCall service. (Sign up for WeatherCall, a severe weather warning phone service based on your street address.)

The family sought safety from the storm in a hallway of their Spring Hope home.  They heard hail hitting the roof and a loud gust of wind. After about five minutes, they went outside and saw their garage destroyed.

"The garage basically flipped upside down," Reynolds said. "Everything in our garage and storage building are gone."

Reynolds said everyone is OK and that neighbors were helping the family sort through the damage.

"It was scary," Reynolds said. "Our house is 10 feet from the garage, but it was not damaged."

Camille Corbett took some photos Sunday evening of storm rotations near her home in Zebulon.

"Thankfully, there was no damage to our neighborhood," she said. "It was very scary."

The chance for showers and storms continues into the early work week, along with cloudy skies. On Monday, any isolated storms are more likely to occur from Raleigh eastward, Deaner said.


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  • CuriousT Apr 26, 2010

    A friend of mine was in Zebulon last night. She had just walked into McDonald's and then the tornado touched down near the parking lot. It blew out the windows of her 4-Runner, but she was safe in McDonald's.

    Close call.

  • bbad238 Apr 26, 2010

    They went away overboard with coverage. Following this storm for an 1hr 15 min nearly out of the viewing area was so aggervating. It would have been fine to have part of the screen on the radar with the warning scrolling. You can bet i'll hooking up my antenna to watch WFMY News 2 from now on when this happens! And they better not replay Amazing Race at 3am

  • Moonshadow Apr 26, 2010

    I'm very glad nobody was hurt. The amount of coverage was ridiculous. Repeating yourselves over and over is annoying. Repeating yourselves over and over is annoying. Repeating yourselves over and over is annoying.

  • tgcmisc Apr 26, 2010

    It seem to me that the weather people, whether it is WRAL, WTVD or the National Weather Service are very unappreciated. Folks fuss when their favorite TV shows are missed. I personally think that the coverage was justified. If one family got out of harms way compared to the 12 that were killed, by this SAME storm in MS & LA, then the "missed TV show" was worth it.

    I also recall all the whiners and complainers who bashed the weather people back in 2002 (?) when they misjudged the speed of the snow that resulted in the great ICE Fiasco. That, too was isolated to a small section of Wake County, but it was a horrible experience. The storm stalled and the snow then cooled the temps and the melted snow turned to ice. This was obviously the WEATHER PEOPLE's FAULT....for not knowing that the storm would stall.

    Folks, appreciate what you a little do NOT get NEAR the comprehensive weather in other metro areas that you do in RDU

  • The Fox Apr 26, 2010

    Was watching satellite TV so I missed the excitement. The neighbors called and said it passed over our house in Wendell area. I wondered what that gusty noise was over the skylights. Ignorance is bliss.

  • vicngwen Apr 26, 2010

    Could someone please tell Elizabeth that Bunn and Pilot are in Franklin County. Thanks

  • carolina_girl81 Apr 26, 2010

    Thank you Greg for staying on top of this terrible storm every step of the way last night! And thank you weather call for alerting us and all the others in the path. I was at the movies with my husband when I got the call about the tornado warning, but my son was spending the night at my mom's who was in the direct path of the tornado. She took cover with my son. Because of your constant coverage I was able to follow along with where the rotation was at and when it had passed I called to be sure they were okay. It was a very scary situation, however, WRAL you really helped me keep calm as much as possible!!!

    For what its worth, I love the Amazing Race, but I can find a way to catch up on it at another time. The people in the path of a storm, esp. one showing rotation have the right to know what is going on. One day it could be your neighborhood or your family members. How would you feel then if instead of tracking the storm they showed some TV show? Sorry, but no show ranks high enou

  • Gary_too Apr 26, 2010

    I'm glad they finally had a storm so that they could try to figure out how to run their fancy new software. Maybe they could have done this prior to wasting an hour and a half of our time.

  • Mom on Call Apr 26, 2010

    Thank you WRAL for keeping so many people informed last night. It was very important for those in the path to know what was coming. No doubt you saved a few lives, because someone knew it was coming and got to safety or decided to not go out in the storm. It is a blessing that technology allows for us to have advance warning.

  • Mom on Call Apr 26, 2010

    amen shortcake53...