N.C. pollen reaches a record

Posted April 7, 2010
Updated April 8, 2010

The pollen count in Raleigh Wednesday was the highest in six years, according to data released by the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The pollen count in Raleigh reached 3,524 grains per cubic meter. In Winston-Salem, it was nearly three higher – 9,632 grains per cubic meter.

Daily averages during the spring in North Carolina are 1,000 to 1,500 grains per cubic meter.

The chance for rain late on Thursday has some allergy sufferers holding their breath for a break.

Showers should spread over the Triangle Thursday overnight, tamping down some of the pollen and ushering in cooler, more seasonable temperatures, WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said.

After the clouds clear on Friday, highs will be return to the high 60s to low 70s with another stretch of sunny days.

Scientists credit the recent dry spell, early, extended period of warm weather and flowering multiple species of trees over the past week with the coating of yellowish pollen that dusted the central part of the state over the past few days.


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  • NoFreakinWay Apr 8, 2010

    we'll be lucky if we see a 1/10th of an inch. And what will that do with the pollen? Puddle it up and not much else. Hang in there, winter will be here in 8 months!

  • CowboysFan Apr 8, 2010

    *ugh...rain hurry up!

  • rescuefan Apr 8, 2010

    "Rain is not coming soon. Stay inside you pollen suffers. That would be the best thing. But no, you just have to go outside.

    Yeah, the rain isn't forecasted to come for another 6-10 hours.

    Probably many of the pollen sufferers have to go to work, which means that they do "just have to go outside".

    *scratches head in puzzlement*

  • jet2rdu Apr 8, 2010

    Record high pine pollen at RDU and jet engines equal trouble.

    According to aviation forums RDU had 2 AA jets return to the airport ( AA Flights 1477 & 1705) on Tuesday due a smell similar to “burning wood” in the cabin during climb out from RDU.

    Similar smells were reported below 5000 feet on climb out, on flights at Birmingham and Atlanta. Those cities have had high pollen counts too.

    During climb out the engines rev up and suck in enormous amounts of air to produce takeoff and climb thrust. Some of the engines compressed air is mixed with the existing cabin air to provide fresh air for the aircraft.

    Just wonder if any one had a flight out of RDU earlier this week and if they experienced any problems with the cabin air.

  • wildcat Apr 8, 2010

    Rain is not coming soon. Stay inside you pollen suffers. That would be the best thing. But no, you just have to go outside.

  • GALNC Apr 8, 2010

    As a allergy sufferer..pollen is not my friend..but hopefully rain will wash it away...

  • Adelinthe Apr 8, 2010

    No kidding???


    God bless.


  • wildcat Apr 8, 2010

    The pollen is very terrible. Best to stay inside if you can.

  • axepack Apr 8, 2010

    "Don't tell Meeker, he might want to cut down all the trees and flowers in Raleigh to decrease the pollen count." - dogman1973

    Now that's pretty dang hilarious!

    I am pretty sick of mother nature pretending my car is a tube sock.

  • rescuefan Apr 8, 2010

    "you must live in a box. they've called for it 5 times in the last month and nothing, not one drop! Let's see if they fail at it again tonight!

    Actually, you must be the one living in a box. There were storms less than two weeks ago on a Sunday night. Really loud ones that rolled through between 1 AM and 3:30 AM.