Some schools close for second day

Posted February 1, 2010
Updated October 12, 2011

— Students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro, Durham, Franklin, Johnston, Lee, Orange, Vance and Wake counties in North Carolina and Mecklenburg County in Virginia have another snow day to look forward to.

Leaders of public school systems in those counties announced plans to stay closed Tuesday as the region continues to dig out from a weekend snowstorm.

Cumberland County schools will operate on a two-hour delay on Tuesday for students. All 12-month employees and custodians will report at their normal time.

All athletic events and extra curricular activities are also canceled for Wake County public schools. However, the Board of Education will hold its meeting as scheduled at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Durham County employees will get a bit of a break Tuesday morning as well. County offices will operate on a two-hour delay. Orange County government offices are operating on a two-hour delay Tuesday morning.

In Johnston County, school is closed for students and 10-month employees on Tuesday. All 12-month employees are on a two-hour delay.

Most school systems across central North Carolina were closed Monday due to the lingering snow and slick road conditions.

Durham schools were also first to announce when the snow days will be made up. Students on traditional calendars will make up the days on two Fridays – Feb. 19 and March 19. Students on year-round calendars will make up the days Monday, March 22, and Wednesday, June 9.

Wake students on traditional calendars will make up their snow days on Monday, Feb. 15, and Thursday, June 10. Modified calendar students will make up the days on Monday, Feb. 15, and Monday, March 8. Wake Early College students will make up the days on Monday, Feb. 15, and Thursday, April 1, and year-round calendar students will make up the days on Saturday, Feb. 6, and Saturday, May 1.

In Johnston County, students will make up for missing Tuesday by attending a shortened 5-hour day on Saturday. Principals will notify parents, students and staff what the start and end times will be for their particular schools.


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  • RomneyRyan2012 Feb 2, 2010

    I am sick of hearing "I'm from up north" yada yada. If you don't like the way we do it here, then go back up north. I-95 will work quite nicely. I understand it's clear of snow and nice now.

  • NetHunter Feb 2, 2010

    Why is it that schools in most other states in the U.S. are able to hold school when they get a little snow like we did (come on... it's only 5 inches!), and yet we close school like we did earlier this year BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS FALLING.

    Give me a break! The school systems in this area should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling schools, save maybe Monday and a delay today. Now most of them are cancelling tomorrow also, it appears.... an embarrasment to all of us and a joke for people who have lived in areas where it REALLY snows and they deal with it all winter long.

    Maybe the new Wake County school board will take this issue on like they have some of the other bureaucratic messes they've tried to force on us, like the forced bussing of students.... God Bless 'em!

  • time4real Feb 2, 2010

    3rd day off coming for tomorrow. spring break will be cut in 1/2 and the year round lovers get to go 3 saturdays now. bet that will be popular!

  • rescuefan Feb 2, 2010

    "Places that are being paid (lots of money) to provide childcare MUST BE OPEN and provide that service. They do not have busses or bus stops to worry about. I would like someone to call them and ask why they are still closed today.

    Ummm, do you have a kid in daycare? If so, read your contract, I am sure inclement weather is covered in the contract. If not, what business is it of yours whether they were open or not?

    And what's with calling the police (and wasting their time) about a road that needed to be plowed. Did you really think that was the only road in the county that needed to be plowed? I mean, how utterly self-absorbed do you have to be to call the police because your road had snow on it. Sheesh!

  • Garnerwolf1 Feb 2, 2010

    For those that are complaining, you can return from whence you came, and your problem would be solved!

  • Garnerian Feb 2, 2010

    I wish I got to call into work because it was raining. It's dangerous to ride in the rain. It makes the roads slick and it's hard to see.

  • kittiboo Feb 2, 2010

    RM- daycares close because their staff sometimes can't get to work. If they can't keep their ratios of children to adults, they can't be open. Whether the staff SHOULD be able to get there or not isn't the issue. If the staff WON'T try to get there, or says they can't, the daycares don't have a choice about it.
    And about the roads- do you really think the powers that be DON'T KNOW that the roads need to be cleared? Like you'd call and they'd be like "REALLY??! That road needs to be plowed? We had NO idea!!" Come on, people, THINK for once! Your road isn't the only one with snow on it. Be patient and deal with it.

  • cmcgoun Feb 2, 2010

    Looks like this rain isnt doing anything to the snow and ice on roadways. The snow that was there this morning is still there, unchanged.

  • RMC10 Feb 2, 2010

    How come you could not call someone for City, County, State roads to report roads that needed cleaned yesterday - they were CLOSED. They should have had emergency phone staff on duty - or transferred the main switchboard phone number to a snow day employee at home or had a "report roads needing emergency cleaning" on a website. I finally called the local police department about Old Apex Road, but found out it was a county road. Police department lady did offer to transfer me to County Roads Department, but wrongly transferred instead to Holly Springs Police Department. Guess a lot of those road condition reports went unanswered yesterday state, county and city wide. Again, I'd hate to see a real disaster emergency, because if a little snow and ice is any indication of disaster preparedness - heaven help us.

  • Garnerian Feb 2, 2010

    kittiboo "I'm done"

    Good. lol