Light freezing rain possible Tuesday morning

Posted February 1, 2010
Updated February 2, 2010

— The Triangle could see some light freezing rain Tuesday morning, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said.

"An area of low pressure is tracking to the north and east and is going to bring the moisture," Maze explained.

The precipitation would likely fall before 10 a.m. north and east of Raleigh.

The rain would cause slick conditions on roadways that are expected to be re-frozen over Monday night. The same situation occurred Monday morning when the snow that began melting Sunday refroze as temperatures dropped into the teens across the region.

DOT says its working to clear secondary roads DOT says its working to clear secondary roads

Maze said temperatures aren't expected to be as cold Tuesday morning. The morning is likely to begin in the 20s before climbing into the upper 30s.

Temperatures are expected to reach above freezing by about 10 a.m.

In anticipation of these conditions, the National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for counties across central North Carolina from 9 p.m. Monday until 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday should be clear with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s.


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  • 3forme Feb 1, 2010

    any idea when make up is for tracks

  • oneday8035 Feb 1, 2010

    Hwy 98 in Durham County is a nightmare from the

  • time4real Feb 1, 2010

    is that like Lite Ranch Dressing? Now every event will be a possible major event, can't wait!

  • rescuefan Feb 1, 2010

    "Either the decision makers are inept, or their power tripping attitudes just love to prolong the suspense and anxiety of figuring out what to do with the kiddies at the last minute.

    You must be friends with time4real. Real sunshine all day long on GOLO.

    If Wake County had canceled too soon, there would be a huge outcry because they cancel at the drop of the hat and heaven forbid our kids have to make up the snow days! When they wait, they get called inept and power trippers. Please make up your minds!

    They have to drive the roads in the county to see how bad they are and they needed to give it time to melt today to be able to judge properly.

  • Made In USA Feb 1, 2010

    Didn't we have some thunder several days ago? I think so. Same thing happpened last year. Thunder then snow. Amazing what the old sayings do to prove themselves over and over...

  • packfan252258 Feb 1, 2010

    There are 2 more storms after this week/weekend, which look even colder! Early to mid next week and the following weekend!

  • Piratefan Feb 1, 2010

    I live in Franklin and work in a wake county school...I would not have been able to get out tomorrow, my subdivison street is still solid white, and ice. The kids are still sledding down it, and they are going pretty far.

  • cmcgoun Feb 1, 2010

    Yea this weekend is also a possible snow dump

  • leafan Feb 1, 2010

    deborah - you are correct. THe first makeup day for traditional calendar is Feb 15th - not the 19th. 2nd is June 10th I think? Anything further than that - eats into spring break days.

    Anyone see the forecast for this coming weekend???

  • cmcgoun Feb 1, 2010

    Wake County Public is closed.