Some Triangle residents remain snowed in

Posted February 1, 2010

— Like many people across the Triangle, Janet Westerman has been snowed in since Friday night.

“I’ve got nothing else to do. Can’t get out and see my grandchildren, so I might as well get out and get some exercise,” Westerman said as she shoveled the driveway of her Raleigh home on Monday.

Jerome Smith was out getting exercise too. He had to go to the library for an online class, but didn't feel safe about driving on these roads, so he planned to walk.

“It is treacherous with the ice underneath. I like walking in it, so I keep my car at home when this happens,” Smith said.

Smith ended up not going to the library because it was closed.

“I lived in New York for 20 years, it was easy for us up there. Without snow equipment and everything, I think it is beautiful and nice but it is treacherous,” Smith said.

Snow plows have been working to clear main roadways, but a lot of the side-streets are still a mess.

Some Triangle residents remain snowed in Triangle residents remain snowed in

Still, people like Westerman are not complaining.

“I think they have done OK. I think we should just be happy to stay inside and watch Channel 5 today,” she said.

In Fayetteville, on Rowan Street, Don Kaminska and and his family were stuck all weekend. "We can't get out our driveway because it's nothing but a sheet of ice," he said.

On Monday, they ventured out on an emergency errand -- they slid down the driveway to stock up on groceries and toilet paper.

In Raleigh, Melanie Smith and her sons have only left the house to walk to a nearby hill for sledding.

“We went out and got everything we needed before the storm, so we have just enjoyed it now without having to get out,” she said.


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  • brucewilson Feb 2, 2010

    People it's not quicksand, it's snow!!!!!! Go out to the driveway, put key in ignition, start car and either put in reverse or drive. You'll live through it trust me.

  • mpheels Feb 2, 2010

    No one has to shovel their drive way. If you choose to let snow melt on it's own, just be prepared to stay home for several days. The annoying factor kicks in when people don't do anything to get ready for the storm or to clean up after, but complain to the news about being "snowed in" and having food/tp "emergencies."

    I know there are a lot of people living pay check to pay check, and this storm just happened to fall at a time when many people were running out of funds, so it was maybe harder to stock up on fresh food. That said, there are few good reasons to have food "emergencies" in this country unless you're already in a situation where every meal is hard to afford. It may not be the most fun food in the world, but people really should have a supply of non-perishable foods they can tap into. Once you've consumed all the food in the house and gone 3 days without eating, then you can call the news about your food emergency...

  • brassy Feb 2, 2010

    Why do I have to shovel my driveway? To make it pretty?

  • rescuefan Feb 1, 2010

    Teresa, I never even thought of that. Thank you for bringing it up!

  • TeresaBee Feb 1, 2010

    Maybe the people that were getting groceries and tp didn't have any money until today.
    I have thought all last week about people that have no money to prepare properly for the snow. Some people are better off than others.

  • rescuefan Feb 1, 2010

    Golly, GOLO sure has a bunch of judgmental know it alls, that's for sure. So people who don't clean their driveways are lazy? Maybe we just don't need to because we have good employers who allow us to work from home of bad weather days. How does it hurt you if I don't shovel my driveway? I don't complain about being snowed in because I planned for it ahead of time and had plenty of groceries to get me through, including TP. I would rather be at home than out on the road with these so called expert drivers who think they can drive through anything. Go ahead and end up in a ditch or wrapped around a tree. My car is safe in my un-shoveled driveway.

  • tpbwetland Feb 1, 2010

    It was 50 degrees out today, so most of the snow should have melted by now. Talking about an ice storm tomorrow morning, though.

  • superman Feb 1, 2010

    My wife and I are both retired and in our 70's. The neighbors across the street took us to the store yesterday althought we didnt really need anything but they were going anyway. Today their teenage son came over and shoveled our porch, sidewalk and driveway. He even used a large push broom to clean up what the shovel didnt get. Good neighbors are far better than good relatives since they live close by. Last fall the teenager used their leaf blower and kept my yard and driveway clear of leaves. We aren't snowed in but we dont have to go anywhere. We have lived here for 35 years, small subdivision and we know everyone. Our newest neighbor moved in over 10 years ago.

  • Krzyzewskiectomy Feb 1, 2010

    I lived in Central North Carolina for 25 years, I know about ice. I lived on a 2 mile long dirt road during the 2000 blizzard and was "snowed in" exactly one day with 24 inches on the ground and 6 foot drifts. I didn't have a truck either, just a FWD vehicle. These folks simply aren't trying very hard.

  • bill0 Feb 1, 2010

    Apparently the good reverend is unaware that half the country routinely deals with snow - and yes, there are dirt roads north of the mason-dixon too. You don't need a big truck to get through 4 inches of snow.

    If you don't have anything that is critical to get done, fine, stay at home. Just don't insult everyone's intelligence by claiming you are "snowed in"