Blustery storms blowing away

Posted January 25, 2010

— Skies started clearing late Monday morning after a line of blustery storms swept away from central and eastern North Carolina and onto the coastal plain.

The "nasty looking" line of heavy rain and thunderstorms moved east of the Interstate 95 corridor, then started to break apart and weaken Monday morning, WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

Standing water on roadways was a concern early Monday, but despite reports of flooding from the Triangle area westward, most drivers made their commute unscathed.

Flooding was reported in Durham on Hillandale Road at Carver Street on Roxboro Road and in Raleigh on Hillsborough Street at Gardner Street. A car was stuck in waters on the ramp from Dawson Street to westbound Western Boulevard.

By late morning, clouds were thinning, and morning showers were dissipating. Mild weather will settle in Monday afternoon.

"Skies should actually clear this afternoon. We should have some pleasant temperatures" with a high in the low 60s, Gardner said.

Temperatures will drop to a more seasonable high around 50 degrees Tuesday.


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  • time4real Jan 26, 2010

    no other weather coverage today? no, "wintry mix" bull for Saturday yet? No, temps are too warm aloft and it will fall as rain, no ground temps warmed up too much, no sorry we were wrong again yet? No 0 for 7, O'Fishelly yet? Lulu the weather goat says so now.

  • nwi Jan 25, 2010

    Well I live in Holly Springs and it poured for hours at my place. Winds were bad and it woke up everyone in my house including the dogs. On the way down my street saw 2 trees knocked I guess it depends where you live.

  • rescuefan Jan 25, 2010

    I had an inch of rain in my rain gauge, so I know for sure it rained at my house. There were also some small branches on my deck, so it appears that it was windy, too. Though I slept through all of it.

  • iPWN Jan 25, 2010

    yeah, it def. rained yesterday and was pouring along with wind that was blowing branches and trash cans around. Not sure what the tool bag up top is talking about...

  • kikinc Jan 25, 2010

    Cage match....awesome! I'd definitely be down for that. All kidding aside, I had rain yesterday. That annoying, misty, stuff that eventually gets you soaked before you even realize you're wet. Blah :(

  • Hans Jan 25, 2010

    I want to see a Fishel, Gardner and time4real cage match.

  • thought Jan 25, 2010

    Um- we got rain yesterday! Rain does not cover every inch of every place. so it may rain here- but not 1/2 mile down the road- that should be common knowledge. I just moved here- and I already did see some snow- so I am not sure what your boohooing about.
    I have lived in differnet areas- and we always joke about how the weather is always wrong- it happens just like everything else. No one can control what mother nature does- for example- I have to go up on my parents roof because mother nature desided to move some shingles- it is life. Be prepared for anything.

  • time4real Jan 25, 2010

    wow, where to start, first, it didn't rain at all yesterday, as we were told it would rain all day. 0 for 1 there.
    Now that the ground temps are 50+ again, please don't attempt your usual "rating baiting" with any mention of cold weather and rain, or something else? for the rest of this winter. Snow, is not a word you folks will need to understand the meaning of until maybe 2011 or well beyond! You had your chances for snow and this was the 3rd opportunity that was even clsoe to an opportunity, so let's move onto to Spring predicitions cause El Nino means a big ZERO this year!