Night chill, maybe a few flakes could disrupt long thaw

Posted January 11, 2010

— More than a week of unusually cold weather across the South will end this week – but not without a last parting shot at snow flurries Monday night and early Tuesday.

After hitting a high in the 30s Monday, "temperatures are tumbling into the 30s," WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said around 6 p.m.

Overnight, the mercury will fall into the mid to upper 20s as a cold front flies through the state.

"We expect clouds, maybe a few flurries," Maze said. "This system is going to be so much more moisture-starved than the last one that came on by, so it may be a few flurries, it may be a sprinkle.

"There's a very slight possibility of a small burst of snow, maybe in the northern coastal plain, late tonight and tomorrow morning," he continued.

After that last shot at wintry weather, the gradual warm-up begins.

"Temperatures are going up and up and up, but it's going to take a couple of days to get there," Maze said. "It's Thursday when we're going to aim for that nice warm-up."

Tuesday will see a high in the low 40s, Wednesday in the upper 40s, and then, temperatures will finally crest the 50-degree mark Thursday. Overnight lows remain in the 20s until Thursday night, when they are predicted to be in the low 30s.


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  • time4real Jan 12, 2010

    "will it be true"?


    0 for 6!

  • GALNC Jan 11, 2010

    Once again..another weather report...will it be true?? lets start panic for flurries...

  • time4real Jan 11, 2010

    oh yeah, the deals at snowboard shops are a real concern for most.
    it's a wrap dude!

  • Daisygirlforever Jan 11, 2010

    Must be that "global warming" causing all this cold weather.

  • iPWN Jan 11, 2010

    I love this time of year. The snowboard shop(s) start rolling out the killer savings just in time for the real winter out West.

  • Amusedone Jan 11, 2010

    Wow...imagine how cold it would have been without the global warming!!

    LOL. Global Warming scare is a bit like chicken little. I'm not that old...but I remember being in elementary school in the late '70's and early 80's and being taught we needed to take action to avoid a global ice age.

  • time4real Jan 11, 2010

    current temp, 45,

    1/2 way to 90!

  • RK01 Jan 11, 2010

    WWW.FOXNEWS.COM...scientists now predict that we are entering into a "mini ice age"....I give up..

  • jsnichol Jan 11, 2010

    Why does this article talk about the cold being here for only a week? I have been cold since before Christmas, and it hasn't warmed up to the 50's since then.

  • Commonscents Jan 11, 2010

    Threat of a flurry - here come the delays and cancellations.....