Icy roads make for slippery morning commute

Posted January 8, 2010

— Icy patches on roads caused dozens of wrecks in central North Carolina and prompted more than 200 groups, including Wake, Durham and Orange county schools, to open late Friday morning.

Rain leads to ice, morning wrecks Rain leads to ice, morning wrecks

Instead of the predicted snow, light rain came down overnight Thursday and washed away anti-icing salt brine that had been spread on roads. Then, an arctic air mass blew in Friday morning, dropping temperatures and freezing any water left on roads.

"It wasn't the snow, but the rain that caused some issues for us this morning," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. "So the end result is the same, but we certainly didn't get there the way we expected."

Most of the wrecks happened north and west of Raleigh. Counties to the south and east saw fewer wrecks, because temperatures stayed above freezing until the sun could dry off the roads.

State troopers said they responded to dozen of wrecks on icy roads, mostly in Granville County. There were a few injuries, but most wrecks were fairly minor, troopers said.

The most ice patches were reported in Person County and Mecklenburg County, Va.

On Hester Road near Creedmoor, a car slid off the road. A woman was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

Durham police said they saw more wrecks as the morning went on. A vehicle overturned at Glover Road, at Angier Avenue, closing the roadway. Another wreck at Hebron Road created backups onto Old Oxford Road.

Two separate wrecks slowed traffic on Manns Chapel Road in northern Chatham County.

An SUV slid off Rogers Road, in Rolesville, into a ditch. Afterward, crews spread sand on the roads to prevent a similar wreck.

Michael Evans, spokesman for Wake County Public Schools, said leaders decided to start on a delay because they'd rather be safe than sorry.

In addition to buses traveling on smaller roads that might not have been treated, Evans said, leaders were also concerned about teen drivers trying to navigate icy roads.

"We have got a lot of high school drivers who are very inexperienced, if at all, with inclement weather," Evans said.


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  • Hey yuall Jan 8, 2010

    ....trying to cut and paste a previous viewers comment....YES, there WAS ICE this AM.......Sorry!

  • Hey yuall Jan 8, 2010

    There was NO ICE this morning, at least NOT in Triangle.

    Sorry buddy...THERE WAS ICE ON THE ROADS IN WAKE COUNTY this AM.....I started into a spin on black ice on Pleasant Union Road near the school at about 9:30...and NO I wasn't speeding, etc. Thank heavens is was sanded down by the time I came home. This section of road rarely ever sees the sun...very shaded.

  • Hey yuall Jan 8, 2010

    There was NO ICE this morning, at least NOT in Triangle. This story is nothing more than a cover to mask the HORRIBLE weather predicting that has happened over the last several days. Giddy spoke of "Warm air rushing in". What?? Really?? How about get it right hun?? How about NO evaporative cooling taking place due to cloud cover encompassing the state after a warmer than "expected" day??? Hmmm, Giddy? Sound familiar?? Sure, the roads were wet WITH RAIN, but there was no black ice this morining. Believe NO ONE that tells you otherwise.

  • Here kitty kitty Jan 8, 2010

    My comment about the teenage bus drivers? I re-read it and stand corrected. My bad!!!

  • injameswetrust2003 Jan 8, 2010

    "But Giddy . . . . . she is in a class of her own. She predicts stuff some days that happen EXACTLY the very OPPOSITE of what she says"

    Sadly, there is only one Greg Fishel. He actually admits when his forecast is wrong and he actually puts him self out there for scrutiny (i.e. the WRAL fountain a few years ago). The second and third-tier forecasters can only stand on his coattails. What ever happened to Chris Thompson? He just disappeared. I liked him.

  • rescuefan Jan 8, 2010

    "What in the world was Chatham County schools thinking?!?!?

    If they had a 2 hour delay, then there would be people here complaining like they are about Wake having a 2 hour delay. It's a lose/lose situation for the schools. The people who post here would have complained because "they" didn't see any ice on their way to work, so how dare the school system inconvenience them with a 2 hour delay!

  • donewithecu Jan 8, 2010

    I was just told that a high school student rolled their truck into the ditch on the way to drop a sibling off on a back road leading to a lower level school here in Chatham County. Of course my fiance had to drive through this to get to her school. What in the world was Chatham County schools thinking?!?!?

  • time4real Jan 8, 2010

    "But Giddy . . . . . she is in a class of her own. She predicts stuff some days that happen EXACTLY the very OPPOSITE of what she says"

    ain't it true, ain't it true!

  • concerncitizen Jan 8, 2010

    let me keep going....., don't make me stop..... 200 cars wrecked? These folks wait for the weather man to say slow down? It's raining has rain, will rain any moment...... SLOW DOWN, TURN OFF THE CELL PHONES!!!!

  • eaglesphanatic Jan 8, 2010

    Now to rescue~
    "If you hate WRAL so much, why do you watch their channel and read their website?"

    I do. I try and watch and read all of them from time to time. I am picking on these guys because I happen to hear Giddy fabricate a story this morning about "Warm Air Rushing In." This was untrue. There was NO warm air south of us to rush in. Out air temps and theirs were relatively the same yesterday and the day before. There was no warm or cold fronts between us. She just lied.


    "I am wondering if you are directly related to time4real"

    I'm not. I am a bit more emotional than he is it seems. We both shoot straight though.