Cold streak to continue

Posted January 4, 2010

— The cold weather is here to stay, at least until the beginning of next week, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said.

Maze said another round of Arctic air from Canada should move in this weekend, before temperatures start to warm up again.

"There are signs that after the blast coming in this weekend the temperatures will at least have a chance at returning to normal levels next week," WRAL chief meteorologist Greg Fishel said.

Monday saw highs in the mid-30s. Northwesterly breezes helped make it feel around the freezing mark all day. The overnight low is expected to be in the teens.

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

Through mid-week, "we just don't see much of a change" from that pattern, WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. Sunny skies will predominate but won't warm up the region.

Too early to tell for snow

On Thursday, a slight warm-up could send the mercury all the way to the low 40s before it crashes into the mid 20s again that night.

The warm, moist air might hang around long enough to meet up with a new blast of cold air. If that happens, "we do have the potential Thursday night for a few snow flurries to fly. The computer models are back and forth on that," Gardner said.

Maze said it is “too early to tell” if the Triangle will see any snow. As of Monday afternoon, models showed a slim chance.

Fishel explains the chances for snow to fall or not in the WRAL WeatherCenter blog.

"If these trends continue, it would be difficult to get a major snow event here in the Triangle later this week," Fishel writes.

Cold weather affects students across the state

At Fuquay-Varina High School Monday, workers fixed two air handlers that circulate air through the heating system, Wake County schools spokesman Greg Thomas said. While they were broken, air circulated at a reduced rate in 15 classrooms. Students and teachers moved to heated space, but none had to leave the school.

The temperatures also caused several water pipes to crack in Fuquay-Varina.

"Part of the system is old cast iron pipes and when you get the cold weather, you get temperature differential and it cracks the old pipes," said Jay Meyers, public utilities director.

School buses stalled_02 Cold gets schools off to a hard start

At Wakefield High School, buses wouldn't start when drivers arrived Monday morning. Mechanics got four running by 7 a.m. In Asheville and several western counties, so many buses wouldn't start that school was delayed by two hours.

Jeff Moore, a mechanic for Wake County Schools, said the frigid temperatures drained sparks out of the batteries of some buses.

Not just school buses ran into trouble on Monday. AAA Carolinas said it saw an increase in battery problems due to the weather.

Tommy Horton, of the Mission Valley 66 service station in Raleigh, said a frozen car battery could end up causing damage to the vehicle and costing the owner lots of money.

Car batteries at risk in cold weather Car batteries at risk in cold weather

Experts say one of the easiest things to make sure a car is ready for the cold weather is to invest in an antifreeze tester.

Another tip is letting the vehicle run for a few minutes. Horton said that will allow the transmission and power steering fluids and motor oil to circulate.

With the cold snap expected to continue into the week, Wake school officials said they may bring in drivers Sunday afternoon to start the buses and make sure they run.


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  • jahausa Jan 4, 2010

    Some of you people are either completely out of your minds or have no memory. It snowed last year. A decent amount. At least 4-5 inches in Raleigh. And I think we hit our yearly norm of about 8" last winter. So to all of you who insist it never snows here, you must live somewhere else.

    Oh, and most of the snow in the area occurs between 1/15 and 2/15. So don't give up yet, it will snow this year...

  • time4real Jan 4, 2010

    next Monday winter does what it usually does here, warms UP and rains! No snow this year, only every 8 years and only every 14 for something more than a "dusting"! Sorry Fishel, enjoy the fountain. None of the rest that work for you can even speak if they have to use the "S" word, much less feel like you do about the mess!

  • geosol Jan 4, 2010

    Thank goodness there are still some people who understand the difference between "weather" and "climate". All the others can wait for Rush to check out of the hospital to teach them all they need to know about "science".

  • Timetogo Jan 4, 2010

    On a positive side, even the meanest blood sucking mosquito couldn't live thru this cold... DIE Blood Suckers!

  • timothycapwell Jan 4, 2010

    "Next Monday, we will start to loose the cold force of the 'Arctic Express,'" Maze said.

    Loose? I think you mean "lose".

    No snow...yes! Westerly, down-sloping winds from the mountains will dry out the atmosphere. Thank goodness!

  • Bill Brasky Jan 4, 2010

    I just looked up John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel. He is not a meteorologist. He does however hold a journalism degree. He is just a TV weather forecaster, and an amazing businessman.

  • bbad238 Jan 4, 2010

    Looks like another winter with no snow in Central NC. Head to Boone, plenty of snow there!

  • wildervb Jan 4, 2010

    "Then why does the founder of the Weather Chanel not believe in the theory?"

    Is he a climate scientist or a business man or just an entertainer? Why should his opinion be more important than scientists who actually research the issue?

  • time4real Jan 4, 2010

    "cold streak to continue" with ZERO chance of snow! Forget about it, 0 for 5 with those predictions wral! Yet another winter goes by with the ratings grind of snow on again, off again teases! El Nino my goose!

  • Bill Brasky Jan 4, 2010

    Colliedave says"It would take a study that was run by individuals who were interested in finding the truth instead of being biased by their political agenda."

    So are you saying the 90% of all environmental scientists, who believe Global Warming exists, are Liberal? Tough sell.