Gusty winds topple trees; colder air approaches

Posted December 9, 2009
Updated December 10, 2009

— Winds gusted to over 50 mph Wednesday on the tail end of a wild weather day, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said.

The peak wind speed was measured at 51 mph at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

In Chapel Hill, police said a tree fell at Estes Drive and Fordham Boulevard. A vehicle crashed into the tree but its occupants were not injured.

In Durham, a tree crashed onto a house on Farthing Street. No one was injured, but Kshaunna Green, a sophomore at Hillside High School, was inside the home at the time.

“I feel relieved that I was safe and that I’m not dead because if it had been a couple of more inches over, I could have died from the tree,” Green said.

In Alamance, Person and Randolph counties, people called 911 about downed trees and sporadic power outages during the late afternoon.

A cold front moved through the region late Wednesday, dropping overnight lows into the 30s.

"It will be mostly cloudy Wednesday night into Thursday morning, with the sun returning in the afternoon," WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said.

High temperatures Thursday will be in the upper 40s. It will be breezy and sunny, Maze said.


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  • daisymom Dec 10, 2009

    I guess they have to tell you it might, because if they don't, and it does, some people will be all mad and say "you didn't say that it might snow". I'm sorry if this upsets you, but have a nice rest of the day.

  • time4real Dec 10, 2009

    "it hardly ever snows here"
    and that's news? I knew that, nor do hurricanes hardly ever come either. = drought!
    but, if it hardly ever does snow, why do we have certain weather people who spend their entire winter telling us it might, it might not? Ooops, we missed it again, Ooops, it's snowing in Orlando. ratings? I thought so!

  • daisymom Dec 10, 2009

    Time4real, I hate to tell you this, but it hardly ever snows here in our part of nc. If it does, it will come from the south and you will be stuck in house for 4 days with your family and then you won't care if it ever snows again. So take the snow forecasts with a grain of salt. I'm sorry if you want it to snow, but it hardly ever does.

  • time4real Dec 10, 2009

    i'm here! no need to fear thine weather followers, for the forecast goes like this,
    sun comes up, sun goes down, el nino will bring us all chips & salsa and we are 0 for 2 with the tease of snowfall.
    And it ain't even winter yet!
    the character on tomorrow's forecast is the NBC weather guy with egg on his face for using the "S" word 2 days ago about Saturday's weather. Which he now does not call for.
    weather here is all about the tease. getcha sum!

  • SantaClaus Dec 10, 2009

    WRAL - how do you know for certain that wind knocked over the trees you are reporting on? Did y'all have somebody outside with a camera and snap a picture of the tree falling?

    The tree could have falling on it's see, it's for reasons like this why I don't listen to your weather forecasts. WTVD and the Farmer's Almanac are much more realistic and reliable.

  • nandud Dec 10, 2009

    "What is that character on the Friday forecast prediction?"

    Hanukkah begins Friday at sundown. Is that character a little Jewish person?

  • oldrebel Dec 9, 2009

    We had a gust come thru here on the south side of Sanford about five minutes ago that felt like it was going to cause the trailer to lift off. Pretty darn intense.

  • batteringram69 Dec 9, 2009

    This weather thread is not official until time4real shows up.

  • daisymom Dec 9, 2009

    I have had a really bad hair day!

  • 007KnightRider Dec 9, 2009

    "I will be glad when this drought is over. I am getting ready to move all my stuff out to RTP so it doesn't get water logged."
    - orionsteve

    We didn't get any rain out here today. I'm close to the airport, lol. (Feel the sarcasm)