Wet, chilly weather is blowing away

Posted November 13, 2009
Updated November 14, 2009

— The nor'easter that has tormented North Carolina with gusty winds and heavy rain is slowing moving away, making way for sunny skies and warming temperatures this weekend.

"This system is on its way, but it's really dragging its feet," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

Instead of a constant downpour, Friday got mostly drizzle and misty conditions. Strong wind gusts helped make temperatures feel chillier.

Some counties are still grappling with flood warnings. Alerts are out for the Neuse River in Johnston County, Roanoke and Dan rivers in Halifax County, and the Haw River in Chatham County.

"These are just places where the rivers often rise. You know where those are if you live in the area," Gardner said.

Overnight, the wind gusts will diminish, and clear skies will slowly start moving east from the mountains.

"Finally, by Saturday, we should end up seeing some sunshine, and the wind will die down," Gardner said.

The clearing, though, will come slowly from west to east.

"So don’t be surprised, at least, if we wake up to cloud cover and it lasts for at least portions of the day, depending on where you are," Gardner said. "It could be a bit later in the day when we see clearing east of the Interstate 95 corridor."

Sunny skies should appear during the afternoon, and temperatures will warm into the upper 60s.

Sunday will be even warmer and sunnier with highs in the mid 70s.

"Sunday looks like a fantastic day to get out and clean up your yard, because if you’re like me, it is full of limbs and twigs and that sort of thing," Gardner said.


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  • BeenHereSince67 Nov 13, 2009

    Nope, just someone who appreciates good forecasting!

  • orionsteve Nov 13, 2009

    Beenheresince67 is Greg and Elizabeth's screen name apparently.

  • BeenHereSince67 Nov 13, 2009

    To the WRAL Weather Team, especially Elizabeth Gardner, great job on the forecast for the storm. You got it all exactly right! Timing, amounts, duration, and location were all right on the money. We got 5.2 inches here in NW Raleigh.

    As for the few people who post here, who couldn't buy a clue if they had to, regarding anything related to accurate weather prediction: ppfffbfbfbfbtttt!

    How did that "golf game" you were going to go play work out for ya? Did ya score in the low 100s? Drought is NOT a short-term event. When, as 2+ years ago, it doesn't rain from mid July until late November, ponds and streams dry up completely (and they did), major lakes in the area are down to 25% total volume ... that IS a drought! Try to grow up just a little so that you don't seem so petty and childish on this board. Also, try some classes at NCSU in the Meteorology Dept. They'll help you in your quest for predictive correctness. Good luck!

  • time4real Nov 13, 2009

    hang on evr'body, the drought is poised to make a comeback by Turkey Day!