Severe weather passes over Triangle

Posted July 28, 2009
Updated July 29, 2009

— Showers moved across the Triangle Tuesday evening. The storms blew trees over and downed power lines.

Storm damage was reported in Carthage, Cary and Seminole. Progress Energy was also reporting 4,746 power outages in the Cary area. In Moore County, 375 people were without power.

While that patch of severe weather moved pass the Triangle, another disturbance was moving southwest to northeast into the area late Tuesday, bringing a better chance of scattered showers and storms, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said.

"Wednesday will be different than Tuesday in that it will be mostly cloudy, and cooler, with more rain," Maze said.

Highs are expected in the mid to upper 80s Wednesday, Maze added.

Thursday will be sunnier and temperatures should climb back into the 90s. A chance of rain does exist each afternoon.

"We’ve got a chance for thunderstorms every afternoon this week," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. "If you can hear the thunder, you are in danger of being struck by lightning. It can strike 10 miles away from the cloud that forms it."


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  • donnied1952 Jul 28, 2009

    Hey Greg, can you please send some rain the Alamance county. You made it rain in Wake, Durham, Guilford, Orange, but you forgot about Alamance. My garden would really appreciate it.
    thank you

  • injameswetrust2003 Jul 28, 2009

    Buddy, I quote the great Ice Cube - "Check yo'self."

    My favorite GOLO activity is seeing which of my posts will be censored by the moderator and which will get through - they are so inconsistent, I guess it depends on who is working.

    As for the summer weather, everybody can take the summer off since we know what can happen. Greg can keep working in case there is a tornado threat. I like watching the swirly O's move across towns.

  • time4real Jul 28, 2009

    we loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wral weather and nogolo blogging, where else can one get the most incorrect forecasts known to man AND be censored on a daily basis!
    Maybe the Ukraine?

  • amber star Jul 28, 2009

    I HATE summer!! Already counting down the days till autumn...

  • Ambygirl Jul 28, 2009

    Buddy1, I'm with you all the way! If you folks hate WRAL so much, why are you on GOLO and why do you come to this website?

  • colliedave Jul 28, 2009

    Or maybe you can get a degree in meteorology and try predicting the weather yourself. But we all know neither of those things are going to happen don't we? Why? Because all you lazy people want to do is complain. Typical.

    Predicting mid-Summer weather is not at all difficult as it is normal for it to be hot/humid. Nailing the precise high/low temps is a tad more difficult. I grew up in Tampa where one could almost depend on late afternoon and early evening thunderboomers.

  • xxyyzz Jul 28, 2009

    no posts about how this is obama's fault?

  • time4real Jul 28, 2009

    hey evr'body, 'tis hot out air!

  • Buddy1 Jul 28, 2009

    charlesboyer: complaining is worse than complaining about people complaining. thanks for asking.

  • mxteam44 Jul 28, 2009

    My mother-in-law moved to NC from upstate NY, and I've been trying to explain to her that ALL during the summer, they weather guys are going to say there's a 30% chance of rain, simply to cover their rear-ends in case an afternoon storm pops up. No need to cancel outdoor events! Haha!