Wet weather on the way this weekend

Posted May 14, 2009

— A wet weekend is on the way as a powerful line of thunderstorms moves eastward across the country. The storms could end up on North Carolina's doorstep on Friday.

"(We're going to see) more clouds, humidity, showers and thunderstorms," said WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner. "Yet another (storm) rolls in Sunday. That one may be our biggest rain producer of the next five days."

Thursday will have mostly cloudy skies with a small chance of rain. Highs will be in the lower 80s.

Friday will be variably cloudy with some afternoon/evening storms. A cold front approaches from the west and could spark showers and storms mainly from the Triangle area westward.

Showers and storms are possible Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

"We're not going to see our heat increasing a lot," Gardner said.


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  • drnc May 14, 2009

    Elizabeth is cute and bubbly. Watching her is just what I need to get going in the morning. I find her forecast to be highly accurate and reliable. I own a plant nursery and rely on WRAL to help me plan my day. Thanks, Elizabeth.

  • injameswetrust2003 May 14, 2009

    She doesn't giggle quite as much when she does the evening news, but in the morning, it's giggle, giggle, giggle. It can be kind of annoying sometimes. That's why I don't watch their morning program.

  • christineswisher May 14, 2009

    Elizabeth Gardner - I like her, but she is rather silly and tends to make people giddy with her weather comments........I find it hard to take her seriously........Lord knows she probably tries as best she can!

  • christineswisher May 14, 2009

    Of course it's gonna rain - it's a WEEKEND!!!

  • Commentor5 May 14, 2009

    injameswetrust2003 "If Greg says it I believe it. If Elizabeth says it... I will stick my head out the window."

    Yeahp, this is so true - lately watching the morning WRAL foo-paux, I laugh at the "giddiness" of how the weather is presented - I mean if you can't say it with confidence, don't make stupid jokes about the weather. As of today, I am deprogramming the Big 5 from the channel guide.....this "the sky is falling" drama is getting a bit ridiculous.

  • Jimm57 May 14, 2009

    As long as it doesn't rain on the Blake Shelton/George Strait concert Sat night at Walnut creek, it can flood us on Sunday instead!

  • injameswetrust2003 May 14, 2009

    hmm.. heard this tune before. If Greg says it I believe it. If Elizabeth says it... I will stick my head out the window.

  • acuranut May 14, 2009

    yeah yeah they all said it was gonna rain last weekend, too. still waiting for that.

  • lilreno is in the wind May 14, 2009

    If Elizabeth says it, I believe it!

  • time4real May 14, 2009

    good flippin' grief! Giddy said this morning NO RAIN today, until "maybe" this afternoon, but GUESS WHAT? It's raining!
    SO par for the course with her!