Severe weather moves out, cold snap moves in

Posted April 6, 2009
Updated April 7, 2009

— Severe weather, including tornado watches and warnings, moved out of the Triangle Monday afternoon as a cold snap came in to take its place. 

The National Weather Service canceled tornado watches for Wake County and other parts of WRAL's viewing area Monday as two lines of storms left the area.

The first, strongest line moved quickly along Interstate 95. The second line of storms moved east through Wake County and brought heavy rain.

"These storms are moving so fast," said WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner.

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

Next up for the Triangle's wild weather ride is a cold snap. Temperatures, which hit the mid 80s on Sunday, will dip down to 49 degrees Tuesday.

Monday's afternoon skies will be cloudy and windy with temperatures climbing to the low 70s. Monday night will be mostly cloudy, with a low around 39 degrees as the cold front moves in.

"It is rather unstable," Gardner said.

Temperatures late Tuesday and early Wednesday will drop to the low 30s.

"I wouldn't start planting until early May (just to be sure the cold weather is over)," Gardner said.

The mountains could see a late season snowstorm Monday.

Forecasters say moisture will begin moving in Monday afternoon, and up to 4 inches of snow could fall in higher elevations west of Asheville.


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  • Southern Fried Yankee Apr 6, 2009

    Thank all that's holy that the rains washed the pollen off everything for a while....

  • mentalgoose Apr 6, 2009

    This cold snap is right on time! Every year my azaleas bloom, and then, like clockwork, we get a cold snap, frost, or freeze. All the pretty flowers on the azalea bushes go from pink to brown overnight. And wouldn't you know, my azaleas bloomed this weekend...*deep sigh*

  • nannerrngr Apr 6, 2009

    You people complain about the least little thing. If they're wrong, they're wrong. Get over it. Why don't you get up there and try to figure out what the weather's gonna do. Let me know how that goes for ya.

  • See Chart Apr 6, 2009

    The worst should stay away,thats great!
    Thanks for the update I can't get much real time info
    for Wilson NC on the web ,I am away up North where we
    have a lotta of rain as well.

  • sunshine1224 Apr 6, 2009

    nothing but rain here in franklin county..woke up at about 8 am and it was thundering and lightening but it has passed now..just raining and the clouds are moving real fast. its kinda windy here. when i looked back towards rocky mt it was so blue and it was scary looking.

  • Citizen7265 Apr 6, 2009

    The forecasts I have heard for the past two days are matching up pretty well with what I am seeing. Thunderstorms are NEVER that predictabe. This is North Carolina.....potluck weather year round!

  • gratefultoGOD Apr 6, 2009

    thunder and rain in Goldsboro...cancelled Easter Egg Hunt!

  • emcmanus Apr 6, 2009

    My Dad who was a farmer over 60 years always used to say that you always have a "cold snap" before Easter. This is ours!

  • djcnty8 Apr 6, 2009

    Thanks for the warning WRAL. Little too late on the warning because it was issued after we got hit with 50+ MPH wind and extremely heavy rain.

  • b blessed Apr 6, 2009

    In Clinton you have sideways raining and then it completly stops and few mins later you go thru the same thing. Back towards Garland, Elizabethtown, and White Lake is looks really weird. The cloud rotation in Clinton is like something I have never seen before except last Saturday and even this looks a little different.