Unseasonably warm weather makes history

Posted December 28, 2008
Updated December 29, 2008

— Most of central North Carolina experienced temperatures in the mid to upper 70s on Sunday, WRAL Meteorologist Kim Deaner said.

The high of 74 degrees at Raleigh-Durham International Airport tied the record for the day set in 1988. In Wilmington, the high of 76 degrees set a record.

Some light rain and clouds are expected Monday morning, but by late afternoon the sun should be out, Deaner said. Highs are expected in the upper 50s – above average for this time of year. Lows overnight Monday were forecast to be in the mid-30s.


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  • colliedave Dec 29, 2008

    Welcome to NC. We can have days where one can wear shorts and the are days where it is colder than a witch's hinny.

  • THE ETERNAL Dec 29, 2008

    I LOVE GLOBAL WARMING,who wouldn't?

  • chfdcpt Dec 29, 2008

    But I thought it was because of the global warming. And we all know that Bush is responsible because he would not sign the Kyoto protocols :)

  • Conservative Dec 29, 2008

    Wade - I have been in North Carolina since October of 1989. That year there was a huge snow dump around Christmas time. Even then, there were days when the weather was balmy and I could go out in T-shirts. Ever since that time, December has always has days when we had T-shirt weather. I have not done as scientific data gathering as you have done, but I am sure your hypothesis can be confirmed. It is possible that a thorough research will indicate that this type of weather is characteristic of this region.

  • hi_i_am_wade Dec 29, 2008

    One morning while I was waiting for a repairman to show up, I did some research. For the several decades (at least back to 1970), if December didn't have a 70+ degree day, it was the exception not the rule. If I had more time, I'm sure the trend would hold up. I didn't write down the percentage, but it was uncanny how many times December had warm days.

    I found the information at under weather history.