Cold, possible flurries in forecast

Posted November 17, 2008
Updated November 18, 2008

— There is a slight possibility for snow flurries during the Tuesday morning commute, WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze said, but the bigger story is the cold that is guaranteed.

Most parts of the Triangle will wake up to temperatures below freezing, and the whipping wind will keep it feeling unseasonably cool for much of the day.

"It's really going to be a stinging day, despite the fact that we have some sunshine," WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said.

The chance for flakes ranges from nothing to a dusting. "Not everybody's going to see flurries," Maze said. Scattered snow flurries or a snow shower may accompany the cold during the morning commute.

"A vigorous storm crossing the area during the morning hours in the upper atmosphere may produce the lift necessary to develop clouds and precipitation," Maze explained. He qualified that, however, by noting that storms that come from the northwest, as this system does, rarely generate enough moisture to produce snow.

The greatest chance to see flakes occurs as the system passes, Fishel said. No accumulation is expected.

"At worst, we'll see a dusting in some spots," Maze said.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy and very cool, with highs in the low 40s and winds gusting up to 25 mph.

"It is going to really feel like winter around here, despite the fact that the season doesn't officially start for another month," Fishel said.

The cold is here to stay, though. Thursday shapes up as the warmest day of the week, with a high in the mid-50s being forecast.

Early computer models show the cold returning and temperatures dropping back below the freezing mark by the weekend. If you are headed out to the Christmas parade Saturday, Fishel said, bundle up.

In anticipation of nights below freezing, staff and volunteers with the Durham Rescue Mission are touring areas known to be frequented by the homeless to offer transportation and shelter. The mission is open to men at 1201 E. Main St. Women and children may seek shelter at the Good Samaritan Inn, 507 E. Knox St.


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  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 18, 2008

    I can almost say it is going to snow where I work. They like running the air-conditioner. lol But I would love to see some of that fluffy white stuff.

  • prayin4tr Nov 18, 2008

    We've been having flurries here in Roanoke Rapids off and on since about 7:15

  • hol652 Nov 18, 2008

    I hope it snows but hole deep to a reindeer.

  • CrewMax Nov 18, 2008

    Where is global warming when you need it?

  • injameswetrust2003 Nov 17, 2008

    The problem with the global warming theory is that none of us have been around a million years ago to measure the ice in the arctic. I wonder if Al Gore has pondered this thought as he drives his gas guzzling jet across the world to receive his nobel prize.

  • hi_i_am_wade Nov 17, 2008

    I have a serious question: when was the earliest snowfall on record for our area?

    P.S. The arctic WAS NOT almost ice free this summer. It showed a huge increase from last year's record low. In fact, ice levels in some places are increasing for the first time in a century or longer.

    P.P.S. The sun has one sunspot. This year, the sun hasn't been this inactive for 50 years. The sun is going from 0 to 1 sunspot. Sunspot data that goes all the way back to the 1600's (though not accurate) show that global temperature match the number of sunspots: less sunspots = colder, more sunspots = warmer. For the past 400 years, this has proved true. See the Little Ice Age and Medieval Warm Period. In fact, global temperatures have not coincidentally fallen since the latest solar maximum. For the past 8 years, global temperatures have fallen.

    P.P.P.S. Facts are global warming advocate's worst nightmare.

  • injameswetrust2003 Nov 17, 2008

    If recent memory serves me correctly, the folks around here aren't very reliable when it comes to predicting snow. However, they are THE BEST at explaining why the forecast went wrong! I'll believe there is snow if I look out the window and see it. Otherwise...brrr.

  • anonemoose Nov 17, 2008

    So then why was the WRAL weather channel saying 78 in Fayetteville?

  • HrFran Nov 17, 2008

    Rev RB- "I'm from NW PA, up between Buffalo and Cleveland - and the radar often shows precipitation up there when there is nothing at all going on.
    You'll look at the tv, then look out the window and wonder why?"

    The radar data shown on is from the NWS as they provide the data free to anyone. takes the data and cleans it up for easier viewing and understanding. Most news agencies show this radar as their own though still the NWS. WRAL has been able to buy 2 of their own for NC .
    Up there along the Erie you would be subjected to the effects of both the land and the water on the air temperatures. In some situations creating in the winter "lake effect" snow storms that those in Buffalo are well aware of. There are several reasons you may see radar returns on the radar thought nothing is happening. Up there I would suspect is due to the differences in the temperatures of the land and the water creating an inversion that will bend the radar energy down

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Nov 17, 2008

    "Boy, was I wrong! Right here, living and breathing, one can find legions of lemmings - with little or no scientific knowledge, and the intellectual curiosity of a gnat - happily parroting the rantings of their favorite AM talk radio host, about as deeply mired in denial and ignorance as they come. - Sumo Vita"

    Ignore liberals who call the rest of us lemmings when we have a brain and question the liberal talking points and agenda that they try to force on the rest of us.

    Anybody who disagrees with a liberal is either a lemming or just plain ignorant. The liberals never argue the point, they just attack the messenger when the messenger has the audacity to disagree with the liberals.