Fayetteville Doppler FAQ

Posted July 14, 2008
Updated July 31, 2008

Why a new radar?

When it comes to severe weather, the more information we can get about a storm, the better able we are to track it and keep you ahead of the weather. Fayetteville Doppler is another source of this vital information – it is another angle on the story, if you will.

Where is the new Fayetteville Doppler?

It’s on top of a water tower in Southern Pines.

Why’d you put it in Southern Pines? Why isn’t it in Fayetteville?

Just like that old saying about real estate, tracking weather is all about “location, location, location.”

Installing the radar in Southern Pines gives us two big advantages:

First, it will give us better coverage for storms in and around Fayetteville, Fort Bragg and the Sandhills. It’s miles closer than any other radar, meaning the radar beam can scan storms closer to the ground. Being closer also gives us a more detailed picture of those storms. Southern Pines is also at a higher elevation, so just like standing at the top of a hill, the radar has a more unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

The bottom line: The combination of being closer to Fayetteville and the Sandhills and being at a higher elevation will give us a clearer and more detailed picture of the weather there than ever before.

The benefits aren’t just for the Sandhills, though. A lot of our weather moves in from the west. Because the new radar is farther west, it will give us an earlier live look at storms moving from the west than any other radar in the area.

Will you still use DualDoppler5000?

Of course! It is still there and still giving us a great view of storms across the area. Together, DualDoppler5000 and the new Fayetteville Doppler give us an unparalleled view of storms across the area, enabling us to see the weather like never before. That’s important because you can’t track what you can’t see.

Are there still/one-hour/eight-hour views for the new Doppler?

Yes. You may view the radar images here:


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  • CrewMax Jul 18, 2008

    Why nt real time radar?

  • teck Jul 18, 2008

    Finally! A weather/news station is focusing weather on Fayetteville. Weather in Raleigh differs quite a bit than Fayetteville, especially when it is inclement. Being the sandhills, it's like they say, If you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes.