Forecast will be rainy this week

Posted July 7, 2008
Updated July 8, 2008

— A slow-moving trough set up conditions Monday evening – warm, humid and unstable – similar to those that caused storms Sunday.

However, "we definitely don't have the depth of moisture present that we had over the weekend, and as a result, we are not seeing the coverage we saw then," WRAL Meteorologist Greg Fishel said.

Scattered showers forming this evening have the possibility of windy gusts or hail.

Minor flooding could occur along smaller streams and urban areas, especially spots that saw heavy rain over the past three days.

Since Friday, 2.33 inches of rain has fallen at Raleigh-Durham International Airport – more than half the usual total for all of July. Fayetteville has seen 3.11 inches of ran since Friday and the Rocky Mount Wilson Airport recorded 3.83 inches.

The forecast includes a chance of rain nearly every day this week.

"It could be Friday or Saturday before we have a day that is completely rid of rain," Fishel said.

A trough of low pressure shifting eastward will bring in drier air on Tuesday. That will diminish, but not erase, the chance for late-day storms on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A cold front coming in late Wednesday will amp up the opportunities for rain for the remainder of the week.


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  • GetaLIFE Jul 7, 2008

    It is amazing to hear people say how wrong the forecasters are these days. Today they said that the conditions are favorable for storms but not near as favorable as the last three nights. Western Wake to downtown Raleigh and back up towards Durham and north of there have been pounded in the last 3 nights. Just because you did not get that much or any rain does not mean they forecasted incorrectly. You are not the only person in the "viewing area". People will complain about anything these days, even if something is given to them they will find something wrong with it. Just be glad you were not some of the unlucky few that had their houses damaged or destroyed by the storms over the weekend. You all beat everything you know that.

  • bs101fly Jul 7, 2008

    we do, and they're all over paid no equipment working guessers!

  • FonziBeWithYou Jul 7, 2008

    I heard there was a (insert gasp here) hurricane named Bertha out there! Have people started lining up for Spam, Beanie Weenies, and batteries yet???? Oh LAWD!!!!

  • Harry Canyon Jul 7, 2008

    "Juicy atmosphere" Man I better leave that one alone. ;)

  • fiestysp Jul 7, 2008

    The weather is not meant to be predicted by man!

  • TooMuchGovt Jul 7, 2008

    Maybe everyone didn't get rain, but Falls Lake has gone back up above the "Full" mark of 251.5 ft (above sea level). So be sure not to wash any cars on the wrong day or the Raleigh water cops will come after you.

  • something2say Jul 7, 2008

    So bs101fly, watch and read another news station if wral doesn't meet your needs!

  • bs101fly Jul 7, 2008

    oh, and incase you haven't seen the radar today, a radar that was supposed to be covered up by now, according the blonde last night that wears the same clothes all the time on the great wral, it's BONE DRY!!!
    Like MY RAIN GAUGE!!!
    But not like the one down in cornfield county!

  • bs101fly Jul 7, 2008

    oh John60 you are so correct,
    I forgot all they have to do is say it rained in the "viewing area" and they are given the all clear.
    I wish the reality "viewing area" actually was used instead of trailer parks in southern NC or the foothills or the coastal areas, heaven knows if I made my bulls eye that big I could be an over paid forecaster that gets it wrong 70+% of the time too! And I wouldn't have to be able to work my multi-million dollar equipment any better than they do either!
    It's all for the good of the viewing area!

    Rain gauge, still EMPTY!!

  • john60 Jul 7, 2008

    Someone's actually complaining because the forecast didn't focus on their own neighborhood? For shame! For shame! Terrible forecast! Bad prediction!

    Look, the forecast is a general one; no way can they predict whose house is going to get rained on and which one won't. Last weekend it rained all around my neighborhood; this weekend it rained every single evening. That's the way it goes.