Storms herald start of summer

Posted June 20, 2008

— Thunderstorm watches went up just after 3 p.m. for counties south and east of Raleigh and most of eastern North Carolina. The watches indicate that conditions are ripe for storms to form any time before 9 p.m.

Some downed tree branches were reported in Cumberland County where pea- to dime-sized hail was spotted in the area of Fort Bragg.

"This is not what you would call a widespread event," WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said. The strongest storms moved across Lillington, Sanford and Carthage just before 5 p.m.

"The storms should diminish once the sun goes down," Fishel said, and predicted clear skies by midnight.

But wet weather remains in the weekend forecast.

WRAL meteorologist Chris Thompson said Saturday will start out cloudy and only reach a muggy high of 85 degrees. By late afternoon, he said, showers and thunderstorms will be widespread across the state.

"Areas of heavy rainfall and torrential downpours are possible, particularly Saturday night," the National Weather Service predicted.

The wet weather continues Sunday. "This is a good, solid rain," Thompson said. "Everybody should see some by Sunday night."

The rainy forecasts raised hope of more help with the drought that is gradually reasserting itself across the state despite some springtime relief.

Thompson predicted rainfall totals of one-half to more than an inch across the Triangle by the end of the weekend.


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  • orionsteve Jun 20, 2008

    "Give Greg et all a break. They do their best-with some errors."

    Quite the hilarious statement. Weather folksa are wrong pretty much most of the time when precipitation is concerned. When it is a clear day in the spring or fall when storms don't just come out of the blue they still have a + or - of 5 degrees on their temp predictions. It is not just WRAL, it is any weather person. their knowledge is limited. They are talking heads that read from tele-promters and go by what the computer models tell them MAY happen. So, if it is summer and it is hot and humid, you will have a good chance of afternoon showers

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jun 20, 2008


    (slow news day WRAL?)

  • FonziBeWithYou Jun 20, 2008

    Yeah really. An NC summer without THAT would be news, my friend!!!!

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Jun 20, 2008

    I love the headline "Summer is Returning and Bringing Humidity with it". Now there's a news flash!!

  • hywilson Jun 20, 2008

    Wlcome to sumertime in the south!

  • tgw Jun 20, 2008

    My weather dog, Buster, started barking saying-come close this door so I don't melt-ha-melt-right. And to you Boston and Tar Heel, how many times have you gotten liquid pleasure when the south side towns of Garner, Fuquay, and Clayton did not see a drop-or just heard your distant thunder. Turn about is fair play.

    Give Greg et all a break. They do their best-with some errors. If they were always right, that would mean they never stuck their neck out. And we really appreciate the neck part. They are right more than they are wrong. they certainly have our best interest at heart.

    Now that we have water, can anybody find us some oil. Oh-I forgot-they have not looked -because even if they found it, none of the tree huggers would let them drill for it. See who is running our country-the tree huggers-ask the folks on the Outer Banks.

  • 25874245844 Jun 20, 2008

    Yea I know what you mean about those gradients and sea breazes bluecharger. But Greg said yesterday afternoon that the dew point was around 47 in NC and was going to remain that way until Saturday. I could have sworn that the dew point at my house this morning was around 100 when all that rain was coming down. And now Ill have to cut down ANOTHER tree after it dies.


  • Cahulawassee Jun 20, 2008

    "Ok I have a question. Yesterday at 6 yall said there was no chance of rain until Saturday."
    That might be true, but at 11 (a scant 5.5 hrs before the storms hit my area) they said the same thing! Good thing I have a weather dog. If he comes in and he's wet, it's raining. If he comes in and he's dry, it's not. I've come to rely on him a lot more than the meteorologists who told me last week that it was going to be 78F on Wednesday of this week. In June. A June that was above average in temps up to this point.

  • bluecharger Jun 20, 2008

    ok, Crisp, how did you get by with that much typing? lol.....the one I REALLY wanna answer is about is it I can get more done with 3 squares of t.p. than half a box of facial tissues??? f.t. is ok for a quick sneeze-guard, but though it drives my wife nuts, give me t.p. or give me death!! lol

  • bs101fly Jun 20, 2008

    As predictable as Greg Fishel and his merrty band of nomads getting it wrong 80% of the time,
    doesn't rain until one needs to be OUTSIDE tomorrow!
    bring it on, we don't want the people with brown yards to suffer another moment of depression!