Rain Lingers, Temperatures Swing

Posted March 31, 2008

— A chilly and wet Monday is just the start of a wild week of weather fluctuations for the Triangle, WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

Light and spotty precipitation extended across the region Monday adding to the rain accumulated over the weekend. Central and eastern North Carolina will have a chance of rain in each of the next five days and temperatures will swing back and forth.

March tends to be an interesting month, meteorologically speaking, WRAL Meteorologist Chris Thompson added. "Severe weather, frosty mornings and warm, windy days are just part of the weather landscape this month," Thompson wrote on the WRAL WeatherCenter Blog.

Some fog will form overnight, then on Tuesday, "our wind really picks up and rushes that warm air in," Gardner added. Highs will reach into the lower 70s, and a front could bring scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the day.

Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will dip, then "jump back into the 70s Friday," she added.

Thompson looked ahead to more stability. "As we go through April, our normal high temperature goes from 68 to 75 degrees, and the morning lows climbs from 43 to 50," he blogged.

He also pointed out that historically, "April is our driest month, averaging just under 3 inches of rain."

Meteorologist Mike Maze updates the rain totals and drought situation tonight on WRAL-TV at 5.


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  • b-ball fan Mar 31, 2008

    You can't blame the city of Raleigh or WRAL for the drought, yes drought! The weekly drought moniter still has us in the extreme drought, maybe after this rain they will put us down in the severe drought cat. From what some of the idiots have posted on this subject, I guess Meeker and the other city officials have paid off everyone in the weather bus.

  • carolinagirl75 Mar 31, 2008

    have you ever noticed that WRAL's "drought watch" graph is based on rainfall since 1/107? That's more than 14 months ago. What I'd like hear from WRAL is how on track are we for precipitation this year.
    I'm all for conservation, and we pratice reasonable steps at home, but I feel that WRAL and the Raleigh city council play fast and loose with the facts to benefit their interests.

  • Big Bill Mar 31, 2008

    I may be wrong but I believe it was Ol’ Sam Clemens Himself (Mark Twain) who said, “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it”

  • BULLDOZER Mar 31, 2008

    THERE IS NO DROUGHT(ANYMORE) DID YOU HEAR ME?? It's over. Back to life. Can I please have my irriagtion meter unlocked.

  • Just Mojo Mar 31, 2008

    how can anyone say this weather sux? we've been in a drought, and it's raining! woohoo1 i'm not even going to complain about being out in it today and my soggy feet.

  • Space Mountain Mar 31, 2008

    This weather sucks. Feels like February instead of the end of March. I liked the sunshine and 70s last week. Bring it back!

  • PC is for Losers Mar 31, 2008

    No, it's definitely pine pollen. I saw it streaming right off pine tree branches in my neighbors yard a couple of days ago.

  • lizard Mar 31, 2008

    I don't think the pine pollen has started yet. Think this is hardwood pollen.

  • craziecrafter Mar 31, 2008

    Town of Garner delivered my rain barrels this past Friday but they're not hooked up yet! I am waiting on the watersaver diverters for the gutter downspouts. Just my luck. When they are hooked up it will probably never rain again.

  • d1mike41 Mar 31, 2008

    But why on my days off....Yuck.