Winter Returns as Week Comes to a Close

Posted February 20, 2008

— After Wednesday highs in the 60s, the rest of the week will turn much colder.

A cold front swept across central North Carolina Wednesday afternoon, WRAL Meteorologist Greg Fishel reported. This front won't bring us any precipitation, but it will usher in colder air for Thursday and Friday.

Expect to need your winter coat for the end of the week, when daytime highs will stick in the 40s with mostly cloudy skies.

Friday will be wet and cold, with a mixture of sleet and rain falling after midnight and lingering through the morning as the temperatures warm into the mid-30s to mid-40s across Central North Carolina.

The weekend outlook is gloomy as well, with a chance of showers each day and highs only in the upper 40s.


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  • Dark_Horse Feb 20, 2008

    40s in February? Stop the presses!!!

  • Space Mountain Feb 20, 2008

    Paul, and it seems when the news folks don't make a real big deal out of it two or more days in advance, that's when we really get something. They make a big deal out of it more than two days ahead of time and it turns into a dud.

  • PaulRevere Feb 20, 2008

    They don't want people to panic...yet. I think the cold air damming up against the mountains will be enough for nasty freezing rain Thursday night and Friday morning. We'll have marginal temperatures Friday...I'll predict 36 for the high so we should be okay Friday DAY. Regardless, BRING ON THE RAIN!

  • cadetsfan Feb 20, 2008

    I wish more people would actually read the NWS forecast discussions so they could appreciate what forecasters deal with and what goes behind their final, mostly quantitative and deterministic decisions, and why they are compelled to also offer some qualitative and probabilistic forecasts as well. Even if you don't understand all the language (though the NWS does try and catch key words in the discussion that are clickable to show you the definition).

  • Space Mountain Feb 20, 2008

    Again...given the
    absence of cold air advection and a true Arctic airmass(temperatures in the
    20s)...expect the latent heat of freezing to really limit the icing.
    Will go with a 0.10 of an inch of ice accrual across...north and
    west the Interstate 85 corridor...with no measurable frozen.
    This will put US at advisory criteria across the northwest Piedmont...thus
    a watch is not preferred as this time with ice amounts expected below warning criteria. Will also hold off on advisory for now... as advisory is typically for 1st to 2nd periods. Will continue to highlight in severe weather potential statement.

  • Space Mountain Feb 20, 2008

    Precipitation type...with the transistor high pushing offshore...
    the absence of strong horizontal thermal advection will make this
    a storm system govern by diabatic processes...and a self limiting
    process......which is typically the case in Miller b systems. A
    blend of the NAM and GFS surface wet-bulb temperatures and partial
    thicknesses...along with a 30 year climatology of freezing rain
    events...suggests measurable freezing rain with trace of frozen initially at the onset of precipitation ... in the favored northwest Piedmont areas.

    Model quantitative precipitation forecast has flip flopped. The GFS actually trending to a slower onset of precipitation...with a tenth to two-tenths across the western Piedmont by 12z Friday... while the latest NAM is actually wetter through 12z with 0.50 to 0... stronger upper divergence from juxtaposing jets. However bufr NAM soundings indicate a deep +5 to +7c melting layer developing between 06 to 12z. Again...given the absence of c

  • Space Mountain Feb 20, 2008

    I am surprised they don't even mention the chance. The forecast discussion on sure does mention it. And it seems like the closer it gets, the better the chance is.

  • Garnerwolf1 Feb 20, 2008

    Opening weekend of college baseball and it's going to be cold and cloudy. Just my luck!

  • Doddlebug12 Feb 20, 2008

    In her statement she says " This front won't bring us any precipitation but will usher in colder air for Thursday and Friday." Then why does it show rain for Thursday and Friday? If we aren't going to get any precipitation??

  • smegma Feb 20, 2008

    I love the storm picture from JUNE 3rd. Really relative...