Snow Is 'A Beautiful Valentine's Gift'

Posted February 14, 2008

— Areas north and west of the Triangle were blanketed with snow overnight. As many as 3-4 inches were reported in Person County. The Triangle experienced a mostly wet, cold morning.

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Interstate 40 was relatively clear from Orange County east to Raleigh, but WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner warned of the potential for black ice on the roads.

Officials warned about possible treacherous driving conditions, especially on bridges, overpasses and less-traveled roadways. Department of Transportation crews were out Thursday morning looking for any trouble spots.

Those who weren't driving were able to able to enjoy the snow at their homes. WRAL viewers sent pictures of the snowfall in their area.

One girl took a picture of her father making a snow angel in his bathrobe. "Dad is going crazy in the snow," she wrote.

Another viewer, Melissa Davis, called the snow "a beautiful Valentine's gift!"

WFMY News 2 in Greensboro reported that most of the Triad saw between 2 and 3 inches of snow. Heavier amounts fell to the north, in Rockingham and Caswell counties.

Temperatures were rising, and the forecast called for sunny skies and highs in the mid-50s later in the afternoon.

"A lot of that snow's going to be history pretty quickly," Gardner said.

Rain is expected to move into the area over the weekend. The Triangle received a little over an inch of rain late Tuesday and Wednesday, but Falls Lake, Raleigh's primary reservoir, remained about 8½ feet below normal.

The rainfall deficit stood at 9.67 inches as of Wednesday evening.


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  • gnew46 Feb 15, 2008

    Cadets fan. It's a huge difference between a "possibility" of frozen precipitation and an actual accumulation of 4 or more inches, unpredicted and on the ground. The last predicted snowfall, DOT trucks were out putting salt on the highways and nothing happened except for the weather service being wrong, again.

  • Oh Smeg Feb 14, 2008

    I had to drive south from Virginia through Winston-Salem through Greensboro back to Raleigh last night in that mess. "A beautiful Valentine gift" was definitely not what I had in mind watching drivers forget even the most basic driving rules and getting buried under a spray of slush by the caravans of big rigs.

  • raysson Feb 14, 2008

    No snow in parts of Southwestern Durham County neither. Only a sprinkle fell onto Chapel Hill overnight. But to the northern section of the Triangle like Roxboro,Hillsborough,and Northern Durham,and Granville Counties got pounded!!! And this clowns thought we're getting a basket full. I saw the snow precipation around the Triad area and they got hammered!!!

  • this is my Screen Name Feb 14, 2008

    Duke didn't close/delay because there was just a dusting of snow here, and the roads were dry. If they had, people would have laughed at them for overreacting to no snow. I live in Person County and we did have 3 inches. It's up to each of us to decide if we want to go out in it and stop blaming the employer. We have to take a vacation day if we stay home anyway, even if Duke closes.

  • cadetsfan Feb 14, 2008

    Panther. As far as day-to-day forecasters go, it's really only the top broadcast meteorologists in the big markets that make 6 digits. Weather service operational forecasters start out under 30k.

  • Travised Feb 14, 2008

    When they predicted 3-5 we hit the low end at 3.1 at 1700 UTC when tallies are in. Does make it look great after a month of nothing.

    You can't blame the persons on the TV who try to use the computers and their programs to forecast the weather. Reality is 48, maybe 72 hours for honing an accurate window. Long range give them a lot of slack. Fronts can pick up speed, drop precip with the mountains, change speed and direction, even just fizzle and dry out. A lot can happen in a few days.

    Try plotting it so it was compatible within a 3-6 hour window or so for the upper level of the front. We had to change from the west side of the mississippi valley to the eastern side when flying north. I was given a call asked for the nearest landing strip in Missouri with fuel. Worked out. They made it to Iowa for the night.

  • Panther Feb 14, 2008

    Jannita Your just jealous that you did not pick Meteorology or an occupation. As I told my new neighbor on day being a weather man is the only job I know that you can be wrong 80% of the time and still make a 6 digit salary! He hasn’t spoken to me sense. How was I to know that he was a meteorologist! Some day’s you just can’t win.

  • beachbum1 Feb 14, 2008

    I miss the snow :-( but want it for only like one month. Nothing more beautiful than fresh falling snow and the ground covered.

  • cadetsfan Feb 14, 2008

    gnew46, if the increased snowfall occurred because of an underprediction of precipitation, then a 2-3-inches-of-snow underprediction is only about a 0.2-0.3-inches-of-liquid underprediction, so I think missing the precip amount by a couple tenths would be forgivable if that happened. If, on the other hand, the snow was underpredicted because of temperatures, I think any reasonable person would have thought the snow would mostly not stick because it's been rather warm the past few days...and the atmosphere 'got lucky' that it was able to just make it to freezing from just-above-the-surface to the clouds. The weather service was mentioning the possibility of snow mix since late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

  • todd23 Feb 14, 2008

    Let's give the meteorologists a break. Tuesday night they predicted the central corridor of the state would get the most rain and that's exactly what happened during the day Wednesday. They almost always get it right!