Blog: Your Thanksgiving Week Forecast

Posted November 18, 2007

— It is the week of Thanksgiving, and mother nature’s calendar is once again out of whack. While we have seen many days with temperatures below normal recently, this week will be different. Daytime highs this year average in the low 60s, with overnight lows in the upper 30s. But, this week we will see highs near 70, with lows only dipping into the 40s.

Crazy weather is nothing new to folks around here. Last Thanksgiving, it was chilly. Highs were in the 50s, with lows in the 30s. But just a few days before, highs topped out in the 80s!

Making it warm this year, we will have a strong high pressure system at the surface, with winds out of the west and southwest. That will usher in a warm air mass, one which normally remains down south of North Carolina.

As we progress into the work week, we will see big changes to the forecast as a low pressure system, with a trailing cold front, pushes east. As the front gets closer to the Tar Hill state, it will continue to pump more warm and moist air towards us. The cold front moves through the state during the day on Thanksgiving. Chances are we will see rain and then a big drop in temperatures, as we head into the weekend. Right now, it looks like the colder air will get hung up by the mountains on Thursday, but will drop temperatures like a rock on Friday.

If you love warm fall days, this week’s forecast is for you. For those that love the colder weather, you will just have to wait until Friday, and the forecast will be more in line with the calendar.

Written by: Meteorologist Kim Deaner


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  • whatelseisnew Nov 18, 2007


    Tell your mother that the gravitational pull of the earth is stronger here in Raleigh. So when you go home where the pull is lesser it has this strange affect of making you look un-light. Besides someone that only weighs 95 lbs needs to leave us heavier earthlings alone, especially at Thanksgiving when gorging food is perfectly acceptable.

  • blackdog Nov 18, 2007's likely to be raining ...lead. Temps will be mild...and there will be turkey falling from the sky by afternoon....

  • blackdog Nov 18, 2007

    ...well...this afternoon, a huge gobbler flew up onto a limb directly above me. If it wasn't Sunday, I could've been weaponized. If I had a would have hurt to shoot straight I guess that gobbler had the last laugh on me. ...for today...

  • Made In USA Nov 18, 2007

    Hmmmm. Have we got a writer working as a meterologist? Or is that a metorologist working as a writer?? I'd have to say she's good at both! Thanks!

  • abbync2001 Nov 18, 2007

    The past 5 years I have dreaded going back home for Thanksgiving. I worry about the weather vs. my choice of attire. We're usually about 5 degrees here above my home town and they usually get rain several hours before we do in Raleigh.

    Not only that, but I have to make sure I look skinny so my 95 pound mother doesn't ask me why Raleigh makes me so fat.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 18, 2007

    Probably this is caused by Global cooling.

  • Halyard Nov 18, 2007

    Thank you for the personal update, very nice.