Hot Enough for Ya? In August, It Was

Posted August 31, 2007

Heat Index

— An unrelenting heat wave that gripped North Carolina for several weeks also rewrote the Triangle's weather records.

This August now ranks as the hottest month on record in the Triangle, with an average temperature of 84.1 degrees at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Previously, the hottest month was July 1993, with an average temperature of 82.5 degrees. The hottest August until now was in 1995, with an average temperature of 80.6 degrees.

"That is not breaking a record, that is an obliteration, a shattering of a record," WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said. "This was an absolutely incredible occurrence."

The month also set records for the number of 90-degree days, with 30, beating the record of 25 90-degree days in July 2005.

The heat has been coupled with a worsening drought that has forced many area cities to enact water restrictions to conserve available drinking water.

Holly Springs likely will join the list of municipalities with water restrictions next week, officials said. The Town Council is expected to implement tougher limits beginning Sept. 6.

Residents with odd-number addresses would be allowed to water only on Tuesdays from midnight to 10 a.m. Those with even-number addresses could water only on Wednesdays from midnight to 10 a.m.

Washing cars and boats at home would be restricted to weekends, but vehicle owners could use commercial car washes throughout the week.

Also, the Fayetteville Public Works Commission urged customers Friday to conserve water voluntarily by reducing the amount of outdoor watering and cutting back on washing cars and filling pools and fountains.


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  • gopanthers Sep 1, 2007

    My last post is to "weasleyes". Sorry. You will always see me post a lot on weather related stories. Weather interest me in a big way. I think I missed my calling. Should of been a Meterologist.

  • gopanthers Sep 1, 2007

    Bay Area does have strange weather. Right around the bay in summer you get 60's and 70's and sometimes you have a 90 degree day but nothing like here. Then if you go just 30 minutes inland over the East Bay hills you have your 90's. But its a dry heat. No Humidity. Nothing like here. And most people don't go swimming in Ocean unless your wearing a Wet Suit. It really is cold water. Southern California is a little different but in the Bay Area an average heatwave (90's) or higher usually last 2 or 3 days then back down to the 70's. Funny weather huh. You hardly ever use A/C in Northern California unless your inland. Sept and Oct is usually the hottest time of the year there (Northern part of the state). They call it Indian Summer.

  • gopanthers Sep 1, 2007

    ok Blockhead. I mis-understood - in one of those moods today (:

  • BLOCKHEAD Sep 1, 2007

    Hey Panthers,

    That's cool, Just "Questioning" that's all !

  • weasleyes Sep 1, 2007

    GoPanthers: I have seen a 20 degree difference between downtown SF and the Seal Rocks.

  • gopanthers Sep 1, 2007

    Blockhead - I can't answer for others but "Thank God" is just a phrase for me. Nothing more.

  • BLOCKHEAD Sep 1, 2007

    RE : I sure wish "Our Government" would realize that "We" should be doing something about climate change...

    RE : Thank "God" Fall is almost here.

    Can anyone see how silly you all sound?

    If Thank "GOD" for "FALL" , Why not Thank "GOD" for "SUMMER" Also?

    Or is it that "GOD" brings "Cool Weather" and "Our Government Creates Hot Weather"

    When there is a tornado and y'all say "Thank God nobody was killed" how many of you stop to "Thank God for Creating the Tornado" ?

    Or is it "Thank God for saving the people from the tornado that was Created by Our Government" ?

    If you believe that "GOD" "Created" and Provides Nice Weather and Rain, Then you must beleive that it is "GOD" that Creates "Excessive Heat and Drought" Or No??

    FOOLISH !!!

  • gopanthers Sep 1, 2007

    melissasholland - Your right about most of the nation having to deal with above normal temps but I was on the W.C. for a little over a year (bay area) due to family illness and it was very cool out there. A couple of nights/mornings we had to kick on the heat. You ever hear the saying the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. So True. At least this year. It even rained once in July. The news out there stated that was the first time it rained in the Bay Area on that particular day in 158 years. Funny huh? Of course I was living right on the Bay's Edge so being cool is pretty normal. Summertime the Pacific Ocean around SFO only gets to like 60 degrees. Go in it swimming and come out with blue toes and fingers. LOL - I'm so glad to be home again!!!!!

  • melbee Sep 1, 2007

    With records like this and heatwaves occuring around the whole country this summer, I sure wish our government would realize that we should be doing something about climate change...

  • Big Mike Sep 1, 2007

    If people didn't work outside, you'd have no roads, buildings, schools, parks, college football stadiums, malls, etc.....I think we should be glad to have people who can gut the elements for our benefit. Thanks....outside workers! Great job!