High Temps Hit N.C. Early

Posted June 8, 2007

— Near-record temperatures Friday had people outdoors reaching for water, searching for some shade and longing for a little air conditioning.

High temperatures reached the mid-90s across much of central North Carolina, but humidity made it feel like well over 100 degrees, WRAL Meteorologist Mike Maze said. Goldsboro reached a heat index of 107 degrees Friday afternoon, while Raleigh topped out at 103 degrees, he said.

"It's the hottest day we've had this season so far. I noticed it when I woke up this morning, walked out the door and (said) 'Whoa,'" said Wes Black, a parking enforcement officer in Fayetteville.

Fayetteville Fire Department officials said they hadn't seen an outbreak of heat-related emergencies, such as stroke and exhaustion. But they recommended that people stay hydrated, avoid alcohol and take occasional breaks from the sun and heat.

That advice applies especially to small children and the elderly, who health officials said are the most vulnerable to the heat.

Fort Bragg was under a "yellow watch" Friday. It's one of five categories of heat advisories for the Army and requires soldiers to take a 30-minute break for every 30 minutes of hard work and to drink a quart of water an hour.

From 2003 to 2004, more than 2,600 heat injuries were reported throughout the Army. Eleven soldiers died from heat stroke and heat-related illnesses, and nearly 300 soldiers required hospital stays during that period.

Meanwhile, bicyclist Ron Ludwigsen kept his cool Friday while on a 32-mile ride around Fayetteville and Hope Mills.

“I’m 58 years old, and about two years ago in Florida, it was about 103 degrees and I did 82 miles,” Ludwigsen said. "I'm not really sweating much, either. I'm kind of used to it, (and) I don't have air conditioning."

Maze said relief was on the way. A cold front is expected to pass over North Carolina Saturday afternoon, bringing temperatures in the 80s to the region on Sunday.


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  • Harvey Jun 10, 2007

    >>Jun 1988 baseball game in Philadelphia 101 in Center City 125 on the field that day. Jun 1995 102 on my son's graduation day in Washingtonville NY. Weather is weather. The issue is who is causing Global Warming,

    Oh... well... that proves it then. Wow, your science is overwhelming. I guess 2 events in 20 years proves that everyone is wrong and you are the hands down expert. Scientists? You all can go home now, some 'just saying' guy has disproved your whole life's work.

  • gopanthers Jun 9, 2007

    I don't have much to say on Global Warming. I just know the earth through time has gone through changes and that is probably what is going on now. Caveman were to dumb to report weather forcast - Global Warming Etcc so there is no documented proof on file (just a little humor) but I honestly believe (again) the planet is just going through a normal phase. They do know (now) the planet does go through these phase's so let it be just that. One year its hotter then normal - Next its cooler then normal. Who knows!

  • just saying Jun 9, 2007

    Jun 1988 baseball game in Philadelphia 101 in Center City 125 on the field that day. Jun 1995 102 on my son's graduation day in Washingtonville NY. Weather is weather. The issue is who is causing Global Warming, Humans or is the sun getting hotter. My money is on the latter.

  • Harvey Jun 9, 2007

    So, by your own logic, all of the people that made fun of global warming when it snowed on Easter, MUST say that global warming is real. If you sit there and use and event like a late snow as you 'facts', you now MUST admit that an early heatwave proves global warming is a threat or recall your statement made at Easter. Anyone willing to admit your moronic argument is just that? Anyone?

  • BridgeBuilder Jun 9, 2007

    Anyone notice how WRAL has the only weather people to say there was a chance of severe weather today and now there isn't even a chance for a sprinkle? What a joke they are. Listen to the National Weather Service for the correct forecast.

  • party pooper Jun 9, 2007

    I can't wait for winter!!! Bring on the cold and some snow!!

  • DontBelieveTheHype Jun 9, 2007

    Prediction: Hottest. Summer. EVER.

  • gopanthers Jun 9, 2007

    Boy this heat has made me drop a few pounds and I'm not even heavy person!

  • whats it to ya Jun 9, 2007

    if we could somehow lose the would not be soo bad..I agree with rainy39..not bringing much cooler air to call it a "Cold Front".

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jun 9, 2007

    Is it fall yet?