Un-Springlike Weather Brings Traces of Snow

Posted April 7, 2007

— Parts of Central North Carolina and Virginia got a dusting of snow the day before Easter.

Traces of the white stuff were reported as far south as Cumberland County to Vance County up north along the Virginia border. Parts of Orange and Wake counties also saw traces of snow.

About .13 inches of precipitation was reported at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Saturday morning. That was a mixture of rain and snow. Further precipitation amounts were unavailable Saturday morning.

Cold temperatures returned to the area after a couple weeks of warm weather. Temperatures were forecast to be below freezing for the next few nights with lows in the mid-to upper 20s Saturday and Sunday night.

In other parts of North Carolina, the cold front that moved into the state left up to 8 inches of snow in high elevations of Avery County. There was 1.5 inches in Asheville, which melted except in shady spots.

A reading of 20 degrees in Asheville broke a record of 22 for April 7.

The Highway Patrol said the snow led to more than 90 accidents in Buncombe and Henderson counties, where road crews spread salt and sand as forecasters called for more cold weather through the weekend.

There were no reports of accidents in the Triangle-area as a result of the weather.


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  • nunyabizness Apr 8, 2007

    Since it's so cold, I think I'll wear my new coat that I got on clearance and save the white for the 70's. Thanks for all of the fashion tips. Happy Easter, everyone=*)

  • strolling bones Apr 8, 2007

    8 inches is not a damn dusting lol or trace..

    Joke: Do you know the difference between a damn yankee and a friggin yankee?

    a damn yankee comes down here and goes back...a friggin yankee stays ....

    an old joke but still funny...reconize anyone redstates? lol

  • RedStatesManWatts Apr 8, 2007

    JUSTPLAINAMERICAN- If you have to take an offhanded joke that seriously then perhaps you should move back! After all, it is obvious that all of the citizens of NC that are of the yankee persuasion, moved here for a reason. I could not agree with you more, I would not want to live from Richmond north!!! That tells us how it is up there! Get over it, Yankee!

  • Scarecrow Cow Apr 7, 2007

    "Can't get a white Christmas but can get a white Easter-crazyness!!!"

    Exactly!! Why couldn't this have come three or four months ago?! I haven't seen snow in two years - today doesn't count because I woke up after it melted. =(

  • Monkey Love Apr 7, 2007

    I was driving home last night from Clayton to Wilson about 2:30 am and it was snowing like crazy for awhile. It seemed so unreal to see it snowing in April.

  • BAMA MAMA Apr 7, 2007

    actually nunyabizness, in the south it is after Easter but, it's really whatever the weather calls for down here. if you wear white in Feb.when it's 70 nobody will say anything.

  • Jack Schittt Apr 7, 2007

    justplainamerican---Its unfair that you sling mud at Snoopy whom I'll bet you don't even know. However it is a fact that you don't know me

  • toniadunn Apr 7, 2007

    pollen covered in snow!! only in North Carolina!!

  • myself Apr 7, 2007

    Can't get a white Christmas but can get a white Easter-crazyness!!!

  • All child molesters should die Apr 7, 2007

    I love snow! I always have.