Triangle under storm watch through evening

Posted May 15, 2012

— An upper-level low sitting over North Carolina pushed humidity above 80 percent in the Triangle Tuesday and put much of the eastern half of the state under a watch for severe thunderstorms. Durham, Wake and Cumberland counties were among those where the watch extended through 10 p.m., although only the Triangle remained mostly rain-free through the afternoon.

"To our east, they are seeing some downpours," said WRAL meteorologist Nate Johnson, "And we are likely to get wet before this is through."

Residents of Wilson reported seeing marble-size hail just after 6 p.m.

"Isolated storms could become strong to severe, and we could see intense wind gusts or even hail in some areas," added WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner.

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

Tuesday marked a second day under the low pressure for the Triangle, and the pattern looks the same through Wednesday.

Areas that see heavy rain could also see localized flooding where the ground is already saturated by two days of rainfall. Dozens of North Carolina counties are under a flash flood watch through Tuesday night.

State Department of Transportation officials asked drivers to be careful and to drive defensively, stay alert and never drive through standing or rushing water.

"People drown in their cars. Cars get flipped upside down. We've all heard stories about cars found with someone upside down (who) couldn't get out," said DOT spokesman Steve Abbott. "That's the kind of thing that could happen." Heavy rainfall makes roads dangerous Heavy rainfall makes roads dangerous

All types of vehicles are vulnerable to being swept off the road by rushing waters, and water as shallow as an inch or two hide a washout or hole where a vehicle can become stuck.

Wednesday will see similar weather: warm temperatures, humidity, showers and the threat of late-day storms.

"Then on Thursday, we're finally going to kick this whole thing out, and it looks like it will be rather pleasant for us," Gardner said.

The sun will begin to return to the North Carolina skies, the humidity will drop, and temperatures will settle into the upper 70s. Sunny and mild weather will reign through the weekend.


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  • ellengraham5660 May 16, 2012

    I'm so corn-fused as to what to wear and how to dress my kids tomorrow? Can somebody help me???

  • ellengraham5660 May 16, 2012

    I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves asking for $8 to send a recorded message to people in the path of storms. WTVD is doing it as a public service, and not that I'm all that keen on them, either, but for pity's sake, stop trying to milk people at a time when they have very little money for things, especially things like this. I think WRAL should be ashamed!

  • shortcake53 May 15, 2012

    It can rain all it wants, I just cant handle the spinning things or severe thunder and lightning. As soon as they say there is a "possibility", my stomack goes nuts and I'm a wreck.

  • orionsteve May 15, 2012

    Definitely do not plan your day around the weather forcasts from WRAL. I used to think they were good for at least 12 hours out but, they are down to about an hour. The 7 day forecast is just hilarious if you actually track it. The sun is shining and the skys are blue at the moment. You guys are right, must be a slow news day

  • quikdraw2 May 15, 2012

    MORE RAIN PLEASE - however it gets here.

  • storchheim May 15, 2012

    There's a 30-40% chance that if I see Ambygirl this afternoon I'm going to push her into a puddle.

    Oooh Amby, someone's got a little crush on you!!!!!

  • americaneel May 15, 2012

    jblake1932...I won't get mad, say what you want, makes the posts more interesting. All in good fun

  • jblake1932 May 15, 2012

    Americaneel: I wasn't in MY moms basement, but I was in somebodys elses basement, HEE HEE! Can't tell you where cause you may get mad.
    Elizabeth Gardner is dead on todays forecast! She rocks, and her wardrobe is outstanding today.

  • americaneel May 15, 2012

    jblake1932...You need to get out of your mom's basemnent, maybe then you would see the wind and rain.

  • Ambygirl May 15, 2012

    jblake- I understand!! You are too funny!