Humid air fuels thunderstorms across central NC

Posted April 26, 2012

— An approaching cold front will combine with a humid air mass over central North Carolina Thursday afternoon, producing a scenario ripe for strong to severe thunderstorms that could include damaging winds or hail, WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. 

A line of thunderstorms moved quickly through the Triangle around lunchtime, producing heavy rain and gusty winds.

"The system crossed our entire viewing area in an hour," Gardner said. "Fortunately, none of this has been severe."

The rain will continue on and off this afternoon as temperatures top out near 80 degrees. 

"By this evening, our chance of rain will jump up to 80 percent," Gardner said.

Rain chances will diminish overnight as low temperatures fall back into the mid-50s.

"We'll see some showers and thunderstorms pop up throughout the day today," Gardner said. "We're not expecting any severe weather, but wind and possibly some hail could accompany these storms."

A line of strong showers and thunderstorms rumbled across the northern part of the area early Thursday, dropping more than half an inch of rain in spots to the north of the Triangle between 3 and 5 a.m. The fast-moving storms are part of a larger system that has impacted weather from Georgia to Ohio.

Skies should be partly cloudy for the majority of the day Friday, but Gardner said southern parts of the Triangle could see isolated showers. High temperatures will be in the mid-70s.


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  • jblake1932 Apr 27, 2012

    Americaneel:: Don't be a hater tater, we may let you in on our club one day, just maybe! Sat. temp. has steadily been decreasing all week. I hope it don't snow Sat. Ridicoulos, like my spelling today!! I need a Tylenol!!

  • americaneel Apr 27, 2012

    The Chief is wrong; RockItMan;jblake1932...The three stooges, first to call into the whiner line.

  • TarHeel4Real Apr 27, 2012

    So, we had the storms in the morning and nothing in the afternoon, but the chance of rain went up to 80% in the afternoon? And then the day before it was supposed to rain in the southern counties, but it rained in the Triangle. WRAL seems to really be slipping lately with their forecasts. And there is no use in having a 7 day forecast. You can't even plan anything 48 hours out because it will just change 24 hours beforehand.

  • jblake1932 Apr 26, 2012

    I don't know, but I think they need to brush up on their skills, or at least get The Fish back and help them out a little. Maybe he needs to check their work before they release it to us, I dunno! Anything is a plus at this point. The high temp. pred. for Sat. has been dropping the last two days like a hot biscuit from grannys stove!

  • Likestobearrogant Apr 26, 2012

    I'm with you all too,the wad is shot!! The dew points have been falling in the past 2 hours, the dry air is moving in. Nothing there to support any storms from producing.. all spent!

  • jblake1932 Apr 26, 2012

    The Chief: I'm with ya buddy, the wad is shot!! No rain for this evening. They are just a "little behind". I guess when you predict the weather 5 minutes before it occurs, the time delay must be accounted for.

  • cwood3 Apr 26, 2012

    Bring on all the rain we can get. Ponds in JoCo are still on the low side. Summer and little rain is coming-just wait.

    Let's get rain while the gettin's good!

  • Ambygirl Apr 26, 2012

    kcollier39-- It's 75 here in Wake.

  • kcollier39 Apr 26, 2012

    still waiting for that 80 degrees,62 in vance county.

  • The Chief is wrong Apr 26, 2012

    "By 2 p.m., our rain chances will be around 50 percent," Gardner said. "By this evening, that chance will jump up to 80 percent."

    I dont think so scooter. 80% by this evening? According to the ole doppler it looks like event has already wrapped up. It shot its wad at lunch time today.