Roller coaster weather ride continues

Posted April 24, 2012

— The weather will continue to take North Carolina residents on a roller coaster ride this week, with temperatures ranging from the 40s Tuesday morning to the low 80s on Thursday.

Tuesday started out bright and chilly, but temperatures climbed into the low 60s in the afternoon. By 5 p.m., however, clouds will move into the Triangle, along with a small chance of isolated showers.

"The clouds are going to fill back in and limit heating in the afternoon," said Johnson, "and it will happen fairly quickly."

Winds could gust up to 25 mph out of the northwest, making the temperature feel even lower than it is.

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

The weather will clear on Wednesday with a high of 71 and sunny to partly cloudy skies.

"Our temperatures are usually around 74 this time of year, so later in the week it will be closer to normal," Johnson said.

However, a front will move through the area Wednesday night into Thursday, bringing a 40 percent chance of scattered showers and storms and a high of 82 Thursday.

The mild weather returns at the end of the workweek, with highs in the low 70s and partly cloudy skies.


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  • Fireflies Rock Apr 26, 2012

    That's spring weather for you. Pretty much a "roller coaster ride" everywhere, every spring.

  • North Carolina Cutie Apr 24, 2012

    I see my comment wasn't listed I guess the one who reads them don't believe in GOD the weather man runs it all not so :)

  • harinootsak Apr 24, 2012

    "The clouds are going to fill back in and limit heating in the afternoon," said my Johnson, "and it will happen fairly quickly."

    I'm not sure I can trust the source of this information. I might need a second opinion as to it being 80 on Thursday.

  • nanasix Apr 24, 2012

    Hopefully, they've searched surrounding areas of the mans residence that supposedly took her home, as well as the man that owns the bar. You can bet one of them killed her and destroyed her remains. God bless this family, I pray they will find her and have closure.

  • Hammerhead Apr 24, 2012

    Never too much work, keeps the muscles in shape and the back limber. This time of year is the best, I don't care if its 50 or 80.

  • jblake1932 Apr 24, 2012

    Who is "Johnson"? Most of the time, a writer will list the first name of an individual before referring to them by their last name.

  • Ambygirl Apr 24, 2012

    Oh Hammerhead, I bet it's going to be beautiful!! YOU GO!! Being outside at your place has to be a real treat!! And I know it's lots of work but it has to make you feel good to see your work come to fruition! Happy gardening to you!!

  • Hammerhead Apr 24, 2012

    Amby, every year more yard turns into landscaping and veggie gardens. I've got another half acre to play with. Planting 10 more trees and 10 more shrubs this weekend. I also have a bunch of bee, bird, and butterfly garden space and 10 feet of hop trellis and 4 beehives. By next weekend everything will look awesome.
    NC Cutie and mklocklear, this is normal for spring everywhere except the extreme south. Temp swings are totally normal.

  • mklocklear Apr 24, 2012

    this is spring in NC...has been like this as long as I can remember!

  • Ambygirl Apr 24, 2012

    Yeah Hammer!! I'm excited about the tomatoes being early this year too! Sounds like you are gonna have a great garden this year as well!1 Yummmy!!