Cold front brings cool to NC, snow to East Coast

Posted April 23, 2012

— A cold front that's delivering a snowy nor'easter to the Northeast is giving a cool, blustery start to the work week in North Carolina.

A few light sprinkles will linger in central and eastern North Carolina through late Monday afternoon, and blustery winds will gust up to 30 mph.

Temperatures will stay on the cool side for spring weather. The mercury won't get above the mid 50s Monday, and in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, it will fall into the upper 30s.

"The air is so chilly we have some snow along the spine of the Appalachians from West Virginia all the way up into Pennsylvania and New Hampshire," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. "We may even see some snow flurries around our mountains as well."

Some flurries flew in West Jefferson early Monday, and another band of snow could swing south over the northern North Carolina mountains later in the day.

"We're talking about more of 'wow, gee whiz, look, there's a little bit of snow falling,' rather than anything that's really going to cause any true problems," Gardner said.

The mountainous areas of New York and Pennsylvania could get up to 12 inches of snow by Tuesday morning. "It's unusual but not unheard of," said Kevin Fitzgerald, a National Weather Service meteorologist in State College, Pa.

Patchy frost could greet some early risers in the Triangle, Fayetteville and surrounding counties Tuesday. Frost is more likely to form in sheltered, outlying areas.

"The chilly air sticks with us for another 24 hours," Gardner said. "After that, things start to warm up gradually."

Tuesday will see a high in the mid 60s, and the 70s will return on Wednesday and stay there the rest of the week.

Tuesday night will see a slim chance of a sprinkle or two, but Thursday has the best next shot at rain. Scattered showers and storms are possible that day.


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  • jmf1073 2.0 Apr 23, 2012

    I was feeling chilly until I saw Ambygirl was in here, now I'm thinking about taking my shirt off.

  • jmf1073 2.0 Apr 23, 2012

    lol at jblake, the king of whiners, telling everyone not to complain.

  • Ambygirl Apr 23, 2012

    Amen jblake1932!! Sounds like you are having fun! Hello springtime!! Have a great rest of the day my friend!

  • mike2 Apr 23, 2012

    I live in Boone. Woke up this morning to discover about 2 inches of snow and wind gust of 40 mph. Living in Boone is great because you NEVER know what the weather is going to do or when. Love it here.

  • jblake1932 Apr 23, 2012

    Just got done mowing the grass! Beautiful day, quit complaing and enjoy it! Fanfreakingtastic!!!!!!!

  • tierneemalinadeveaux Apr 23, 2012

    This weather is great! We had better enjoy it now, because come the end of June it will be sweltering...

  • working for deadbeats Apr 23, 2012

    This weather is awesome! Gotta love that global warming.

  • FlySwater Apr 23, 2012

    We are still in the month of April. Historically, this is not especially cold weather.

  • Hammerhead Apr 23, 2012

    Feels great outside.

  • cwood3 Apr 23, 2012

    WE can deal with what we've been given. Folks in Western PA are dealing with 12"-18" of slushy wet snow that sticks to everything. With leaves already out, trees down as well as power lines down will be a big issue for them.

    WE got off easy!!