Chilly Sunday to make way for mild week

Posted January 22, 2012

— The temperature roller-coaster that hit central North Carolina this weekend should level off during the week, WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss said Sunday.

A cold front that brought rain to much of the region Saturday left an overcast sky and colder weather for Sunday, Moss said. On Sunday morning, Raleigh was 21 degrees colder than 24 hours earlier, while Fayetteville temperatures had dropped 19 degrees during the same period.

Temperatures in Raleigh should remain in the low 40s on Sunday after reaching at high of 58 on Saturday, Moss said. The high in Fayetteville on Saturday was 68.

Three-tenths of an inch of rain fell at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Saturday, while Fayetteville saw almost a quarter-inch and Rocky Mount a half-inch, he said.

Temperatures should rebound on Monday, returning to about 60 degrees in Raleigh and the mid-60s in Fayetteville, Moss said. Chances for rain are 30 to 50 percent.

"We should dry out on Tuesday and stay fairly mild through the week," he said, noting highs would be around 60 through Friday.


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  • Screw WrAl Jan 23, 2012

    "I thought yesterday's forcast for today said it was going to be in the 60s. "

    Your eyes aren't fooling you, they did say it and said it for the last week. Just like they said it would rain and storm today and tonight.

    How much rain did you get in your yard today!

  • Screw WrAl Jan 23, 2012

    Good thing we got all that rain today huh! Came towards Drought City and poof, like usual, dried up.

    Just like the guy they interviewed on TWC, "sir, is your car ready for winter? The guy says, winter? What winter?"

    Classic and a genius to boot!

  • americaneel Jan 23, 2012

    YouMakeItSoEasy...Maybe you can be a guest host and enthrall all of us with your knowledge

  • passport423 Jan 23, 2012

    I thought yesterday's forcast for today said it was going to be in the 60s. Did they change it once it didn't happen?

  • yukonjohn3 Jan 23, 2012

    Dang, it seems that while ya'll have "one" weather, we have the opposite!! It is a lovely day here, nice and warm (15 below zero) while it is cold there. When ya'll warm up, we are going right back in the fridge, around 45 to 50 below zero!! I want YA'LL to get COLD!! We need a break. I know we live in Alaska, and it is supposed to be cold, but dang, after 40 below almost all of Nov, a relatively warm start to Dec, we have been in the icebox since the 23rd of Dec. Can't remember the last time we were above zero!! Hope all is well in the old North State.

  • Screw WrAl Jan 23, 2012

    eel, they're not hiring. they enjoy having their morning circus more than accurate and serious discussions about all things weather.

    it's about ratings and entertainment you know.

  • awr117 Jan 23, 2012

    I am from the south, so 44 is not mild to me.

  • americaneel Jan 23, 2012

    YouMakeItSoEasy...Did you apply yet for the WRAL meteorologist position yet? I figured since you are such a self renowned guru that you would be a lock for the job.

  • Remy Jan 23, 2012

    "you don't get snow when you spend winter in the 60's and 70's."

    You must be new to the area.

  • Screw WrAl Jan 23, 2012

    Thank goodness we don't have to worry about winter this year.
    Nada, not happening, totally void, toast, history, gone, never showed ...

    Now where's that Ground Hog so that we can make it O'Fishel.

    Sunscreen alert for the rest of the week, before our 3rd and final missed chance for snow arrives later this week. That's right, we could have had snow, but as we have proven continuously this year, you don't get snow when you spend winter in the 60's and 70's.