Cooler, calmer weather coming Wednesday

Posted December 26, 2011
Updated December 27, 2011

— A strong cold front that brought rainy, windy conditions across the Triangle Tuesday will be replaced with a cooler, calmer day Wednesday.

A moisture-filled low pressure system moved in from Tennessee and Georgia earlier Tuesday, bringing heavy rain at times and tornado watches in Wilson, Wayne, Sampson and Edgecombe counties, which were canceled by 3 p.m.

"From the Triangle area west, we don't have that risk of severe weather, but we do have gusty conditions and will have some locally heavy rain," WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. "We could end up with a half an inch to an inch of rain by the time this is all done Tuesday afternoon."

Cold air will come cruising in Wednesday, as the temperature dips to 50 degrees.

"Tomorrow, the winds will begin to die down a little bit," Gardner said.

"High pressure will build in overnight and give us some gorgeous weather for the latter half of the week," she added.

Thursday's high will climb into the mid 50s, and Friday will see low 60s. New Year's Eve will see a high of about 59 degrees, and New Year's Day will be in the low 60s.

"It's a nice-looking holiday weekend," Gardner said.

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  • PanthersFan45 Dec 27, 2011

    Glad to see the sun is finally breaking through this afternoon. I was beginning to wonder just how much water some of these clouds could hold. On the plus side, my car needed a good power wash and it looks like it got it.

  • luvmyjackrascal Dec 27, 2011

    It has been pouring in Rocky Mount since about 8:30 this morning!

  • Screw WrAl Dec 27, 2011

    Tie it down peeps cause if you don't it's goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    'Nuther typical day, minus the light rain that is, in the viewing area. Windy as Arizona.

  • n ter tained Dec 27, 2011

    "The best chance for any severe weather will be along the I-95 corridor and east," Gardner said. "These storms could have some strong damaging winds and could even produce isolated tornadoes during the afternoon hours." --Well, I guess that's correct, given the tornado warning near Wilmington. Doesn't get an awful lot further east of 95 than that, huh? ;)

  • Screw WrAl Dec 27, 2011

    "How come there is soooo much a diff between your forecast and the wptf forecast???"

    Uhhh, because wptf knows what they're doing?

  • Lblum Dec 27, 2011

    Hmm, walk outside and see what the weather is and prepare. They do the best job they can do. Quit being spoon fed.

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Dec 27, 2011

    "What does this say about gubber worming if 2 local weather forecasts are so different for just 5 days out??? :)"

    It says you have absolutely no clue about the topic if you can't even tell the difference between climate and weather. :)

  • Ezekiel c23 v19to20 Dec 27, 2011


  • Rebelyell55 Dec 27, 2011

    It's wet.

  • jeff27577 Dec 27, 2011

    can you have a tornado during a snow storm? that would be cool