Clouds to move out, but weekend looks chilly

Posted December 16, 2011
Updated December 17, 2011

— Partly cloudy and cool conditions will return to the Triangle Saturday following the passage of a cold front, WRAL meteorologist Nate Johnson said. 

The front brought rain showers to much of the area to close out the work week, but cleared overnight and will make way for gradual clearing throughout the first half of the day. 

"The clouds will clear out during the morning hours and should be out of here by lunchtime," Johnson said. "We will see some sunshine today."

Despite the sun, jackets will be a necessity Saturday for Christmas shopping. Highs will only reach about 50 degrees, Johnson said. 

"It's felt more like October the last few days but we're back to December, back to reality," he said. "Temperatures will actually be back to more normal levels for this time of year."

Once the sun sets Saturday evening, temperatures will fall quickly and bottom out around 30 degrees. WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

The cool, sunny trend will continue Sunday, with daytime highs barely reaching 50 degrees. 

Warm temperatures will return early next week, with highs climbing into the upper 50s Monday to near 70 Wednesday, Johnson said. 


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  • aprince27 Dec 19, 2011 rained starting at about 7 pm...close to what was predicted.

    The highest we got in March of this year was 85. We did hit 92 in March 17th....of 1945.

  • Parah Salin Dec 16, 2011

    It's amazing the ridiculous things will "remember" about the weather. Thanks to you rescuefan for debunking that comment. My hunch is cheezchokenchicken is the same person as that YouMakeItSoEasy. I wish there was an ignore feature on here.

  • rescuefan Dec 16, 2011

    @cheezchicken, it didn't hit 90 in March 2011. It got into the 80s three times, but never hit 90.

  • cheezchicken Dec 16, 2011

    Actually, seankelly15, we had 90's in March 2011...we went from highs of 40's to highs of 90's. I remember because it's the first time I've ever turned on my AC in March. Ridiculous.

  • SAMCRO4ever Dec 16, 2011

    Youmake it.... you are such a troll dont you have anything better to do? How annoying.

  • seankelly15 Dec 16, 2011

    The Chief is wrong & YouMakeItSoEasy (same person) - " Its almost January and we havent had real cold yet. That leaves you just 8 weeks before the 90's return in March."

    "Almost January"? I guess you could say it almost February as well. And, 90s in March? Prove it.

  • geosol Dec 16, 2011

    Its pretty revealing when you see the right wing posts that "Youmakeit....", or whatever its new screen names may be, on other stories here. Such a miserable person! And a right winger, of course. Seems like they all are these days.

  • cheezchicken Dec 16, 2011

    "Cooler weather" it's July. It's December. It's SUPPOSED to be cold. At this rate I'll be weeding again in February. No winter whatsoever. There are no more seasons in NC anymore; only hot and hotter. Glad I'll be living in a region soon that still has them!

  • americaneel Dec 16, 2011

    Looks like Mr. Grumpy (YouMakeItSoEasy) has woken up, just in time to complain once again about the WRAL weather team

  • Ambygirl Dec 16, 2011

    My mom is getting rain in Cary and I'm getting a little in Southern Wake where near Danville. OH, and the temperature has dropped considerably from what it was. Looks like they are right on target AGAIN! FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!