Rainy cooldown on tap for work week

Posted November 27, 2011
Updated November 28, 2011

— Monday could be the last warm day for awhile, WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

The 70-degree temperatures that made for a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend will give way to a slow-moving storm system by Monday night, with up to an inch of rain possible in some areas by the end of the day Tuesday.

Cloudy skies and breezy conditions will precede the massive cold front, Gardner said. There is no significant rain in the forecast for Monday, as highs should top out around 70 for much of the area.

"A lot of warm air is streaming in ahead of the front that will come through tomorrow," Gardner said. "Our temperatures are 15 degrees warmer in some spots than they were Sunday."

Rain chances will increase throughout the late evening Monday and into the early part of Tuesday, with some areas seeing strong thunderstorms. Gardner said the heaviest rain should make its way through the Triangle early Tuesday. 

"There is a huge band of rain to our west which could produce as much as an inch of rain for us tomorrow," she said. "The morning commute will be very messy."

Due to cold air streaming in behind the front, snow is likely Tuesday for the North Carolina Mountains. 

WRAL Weather team WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast

Highs Tuesday will climb into the mid 50s before dropping back into the 30s overnight. 

Sunny conditions will return for the latter half of the week, Gardner said. Highs will be in the mid 50s to near 60 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with lows falling into the mid 30s. 

"It will feel much more Winter-like," Gardner said. "But Thursday is the first day of Winter so it is what we expect for this time of year."


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  • Remy Nov 28, 2011

    It was such a beautiful weekend. Now time to go back to reality of the seasonal weather.

  • Chairman of the Bored Nov 28, 2011

    "the first day of winter is either the 21st or 22nd of december per my calender for the month of december and i was born on the first day of winter" -easongloria49

    The first day of ASTRONOMICAL winter is on the solstice. You are correct.

    The first day of CLIMATOLOGICAL (METEOROLOGICAL) winter is December 1.- Elizabeth is correct.

  • easongloria49 Nov 28, 2011

    the first day of winter is either the 21st or 22nd of december per my calender for the month of december and i was born on the first day of winter

  • Chairman of the Bored Nov 28, 2011

    "ummm....Thursday is the 1st day of December, not winter...." suzelladeville

    UMMMM, meteorologically speaking, winter does begin this week. Meteorological seasons are different from astronomical seasons. It's not that difficult to understand if you think about it. In the Northern Hemisphere, meteorologists identify the three coldest months (December, January, and February) as meteorological winter, and the three hottest months (June, July, and August) to identify meteorological summer. Meteorological spring takes place during March, April, and May, while meteorological autumn takes place during September, October, and November.

  • suzelladeville Nov 28, 2011

    ummm....Thursday is the 1st day of December, not winter....

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 28, 2011

    Hope the weekend weather holds up... She so cute, love the hair do...

  • americaneel Nov 28, 2011

    YouMakeItSoEasy...And the guru has spoken again...

  • jblake1932 Nov 28, 2011

    Perfect Christmas weather, I think. Now, where's the chapstick!! :(

  • lauraleigh Nov 28, 2011

    We're heading in to December, so this is to be anticipated.

  • Screw WrAl Nov 28, 2011

    Enjoy the cool down cause next week we zoom right back to the 80's!

    That is after the wind storms blow your trash 1/2 mile down the street and wake you up at 3am to try and save your home.

    Perfect Xmas weather!