Mount Olive couple stuck due to Irene

Posted August 24, 2011

— A Mount Olive couple is among thousands of tourists stuck in the Dominican Republic, which caught a glancing blow from Hurricane Irene this week, family members said Wednesday.

“It’s the first vacation they’ve had in I don’t know how long,” Gloria Estep said of her daughter, Jessica Bond, and her son-in-law, Jonathan Bond.

The Bonds left Thursday from Mount Olive with two other couples – his brother, Joshua Bond, and his fiancee, Ashley Price, also of Wayne County, and Christen and Buddy Cherry of Duplin County.

They were supposed to return from the Dominican Republic on Monday, but flights were canceled.

“The airport was the worst because everybody had hit the airport, and Jessica said it was just mobbed,” Estep said.

At times, Estep has been able to reach her daughter through Skype.

Estep said the couples went to an all-inclusive resort, but once the storm hit and their reservation time was up, she said room prices to stay went up.

“In all fairness to the people who are there, they’re business owners, but I think that they are really capitalizing on this, you know, supply and demand. We have these people who have to have a room,” Estep said.

Irene strands Mount Olive couple

Estep said the Bonds told her a taxi ride to the airport that took just a few minutes cost them $100.

Estep said her daughter and son-in-law just want to get home to see their young children, who are staying with her. 

“Their kids really want them to come home,” Estep said.

The Bonds hope to get a return flight Thursday.


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  • btneast Aug 25, 2011

    Scheduling a vacation in that area during hurrican season is risky....some would say foolish.

  • HeadPro Aug 25, 2011

    Oh Randy, don't give Monica such a hard time. Long in the tooth or not, she can polish the ol knob anytime.
    As for the Bonds... they went down knowing this, at the time, tropical storm was bearing down on the area... so cry on someones shoulder if you must. Their decision, their consequences, but wish them the best.

  • ginasutton81 Aug 25, 2011

    Ummmm I know this couple and that is not there picture.....that is his brother Joshua and his fiance Ashley!

  • Randy Cox Aug 25, 2011

    I know this is kinda off the subject, but is Monica LaLiberte looking a little long in the tooth lately? She used to be so pretty. I wish I could go to the Dominica Republic. It would be cool Diminican Republicans since I'm am a Tea PArty Republican.

    Good luck to them, hope they can get home today.

  • chattycat Aug 25, 2011

    Good luck to them, hope they can get home today.