Sailor rides out Irene at Washington marina

Posted August 30, 2011
Updated August 31, 2011

— Ron Rogers said he had no qualms about spending Friday night on his 40-foot trawler at McCotter's Marina in Washington, even as Irene approached.

"I've spent my life on the water," Rogers said with matter-of-fact tone on Tuesday.

The decision could have been a fatal one, however, as storm surge from Irene plowed through the marina. When he poked his head out of the boat Saturday, he said, things looked a bit different.

"Boats (were) catawampus and up on the dock," he said. "(Water) was over the top of my pilings. We were stranded."

Some other boaters had to rescue Rogers from the trawler during the storm.

"My boat's fine," he said.

The same can't be said for a number of boats at the marina and a nearby boat yard. Some sank, while others were up on docks or a nearby road.

Many boaters sought refuge down river in Goose Creek State Park, but even that wasn't safe haven from Irene's surge.

The Margaret, a vintage wooden sloop that was part of WRAL News' Parade of Sail five years ago, is now the newest landmark at the entrance to the harbor of Bath, where it washed ashore.

Irene's surge bashed Bath, Washington Irene's surge bashed Bath, Washington

Irene bashed Bath, tossing boats, smashing docks and littering the harbor with debris.

The storm surge crashed into Bath resident Paul Kamarow's basement workshop.

"It blew the doors out and me along with it," Kamarow said Tuesday.

He had 5 feet of water inside his house and a mound of debris outside.

Kamarow has lived in Bath for 30 years, but he said Irene was a first for the state's first town. Still, he said, it wasn't bad enough for him to move.

"I'm going to clean it up and start all over again," he said.


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  • soyousay Aug 31, 2011

    "I've spent my life on the water," ..

    I am not sure what he was referring too...his bathtub?.. someone has actually done what he said would not have done that....and he put others at risk to have to rescue him. Newbie mistake not a seasoned sailor

  • chattycat Aug 31, 2011

    What an idiotic thing to do. I do not have any sympathy for those who chose to risk their lives and the lives of others by disregarding evacuation orders.

  • pyranna Aug 31, 2011

    Is this an advertisement to go there to rubberneck like a tourist?

  • Rebelyell55 Aug 30, 2011

    That the spirit! Clean and up and carry on.