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A Fond Farewell...

Posted June 2, 2008

And the age-old question, "where did the time go?" I passed a personal milestone this week that I thought I would share here, as the time arrived for a bittersweet goodbye to one phase of my meteorological career. As some of you are probably aware, I began my professional life as a meteorologist as a weather officer for the United States Air Force, with twelve years' active duty beginning at Pope AFB right here in our viewing area, and winding up a few moves later at Tyndall AFB in Florida. Thus started another chapter during which I became a full-time part of the WRAL WeatherCenter team, but continued to serve in the Air Force Reserve, with assignments at Tyndall AFB as a part of the Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency and later Air Force Research Laboratory.

In 2004, I was reassigned to 2nd Weather Flight (now called Operating Location K, Air Combat Command) at Ft McPherson, GA, where I have since held a "dual hat" position as reserve staff meteorologist to United States Army Forces Command and to Third Army (U.S. Army Central), which included five months away from TV-5 back in the summer and fall of 2005 to serve as deployed Staff Weather Officer for Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) in Kuwait.

It seems like yesterday that I was an ROTC cadet at NCSU across the street from where I'm sitting as I type this, but retirement time arrived officially yesterday, June 1st 2008, and as of today I join the "retired reserve" with no further training or deployment obligations. It's definitely one of those moments that passes with both joy at the accomplishment and a bit of sadness to leave behind the service that's been such a big part of my life. I imagine it is a feeling well-known to anyone retiring from a career that they found enjoyable and rewarding. On the other hand, since my full-time job here at WRAL continues on as before, the transition may not seem very jarring.

Although the official date arrived this weekend, my unit at Ft McPherson held a small retirement ceremony for me several weeks ago when I was there on my final set of duty days. They sent up some photos taken during the ceremony, and I've attached a few of them here. In a bit of "full circle" karma, after starting in the military as an Army ROTC cadet and training at Ft Knox ("the home of Armor") the ceremony to retire from the Air Force was held in front of a tank display outside Third Army Headquarters!


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  • Mike Moss Jun 4, 2008

    Hi everybody - I just wanted to add a quick follow-up to thank you all for the kind comments. Sorry for the "first impression" that I might be leaving WRAL. I knew I may have been more ambiguous about that than I intended when a neighbor waved while I was out running Monday afternoon and yelled "We'll miss you!" so I was happy to see that it was only a first impression for most of you. Nice to hear from all of you, and to see some fellow blue-suiters check in as well. Thanks again, and everyone stay cool through the heat that's building in!

  • jayj Jun 3, 2008

    Wow, Mike, congratulations, from an Air Force old-timer. Thank you for your service, too. And, you had us scared for a minute. We thought you were leaving WRAL.!!! I hope that you will continue to be a part of WRAL for years to come.

  • BruiserB Jun 2, 2008

    From one retired airman to another, welcome to the "community". I retired from active duty in '89. I don't regret a minute of my duty time. Thanks colonel.

  • Bellamia Jun 2, 2008

    Thank you for a job well done!

  • capitalland Jun 2, 2008

    Mike Moss,

    You are my favorite meteorologist on any of the triangle stations. Your professionalism shows in every broadcast. I love the 'no nonsense', straightforward way you present the weather. You are an asset to the station and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

    C and P in Wake Forest

  • Hey yuall Jun 2, 2008


  • luvtoshag Jun 2, 2008

    Thank you for your service to our country. As a sister to a brother in the Navy and one who has since left the Marines, I know some of the sacrifices you have made. Congratulations on your retirement and for a job well done. Thanks again!

  • OpinionatedGuy Jun 2, 2008

    Thanks Mike!!! We all appreciate your dedication and hardwork!!! Now it's time to relax and spend all that money your making as a retiree... I know that's why your keeping your day job!!! LOL... Thanks again!!!

  • applejuice Jun 2, 2008

    thanks Mike! Now what are you going to do with all that extra time that would have been spent on drill weekends??

  • garnertoy Jun 2, 2008

    job well done