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Snow memories

Posted January 4, 2008

I hope you all had a nice relaxing holiday. It was nice to see the flurries here on Wednesday. Not too threatening, not unexpected, and not too much. The cold weather we have been experiencing was felt all the way down into Florida. There were several reports of flurries around the Daytona Beach area yesterday in what could be called an “Ocean Effect” snow, not unlike the Lake Effect snows of the Great Lakes.

I got to see snow over the holidays, as my family & I traveled to the Chicago area between Christmas and New Years. We were driving through the town my wife and I went to High School in (Hinsdale, if you know the area) while it was snowing. I had to tell my girls about how I would walk a mile-and-half to school rather than take the bus when it was snowing. My mother would get so mad at me, but it was so peaceful and quiet as the snow fell. I remember one morning that is was snowing so hard you couldn’t see the end of the block and O’Hare closed down. I was covered in snow by the time I got to school, and loved every minute of it. I know, no wonder I got into meteorology as a career. We ended up downtown Chicago at Millennium Park with big snowflakes falling. It was fun to watch folks walk around gazing up at the snow, smiling. Snow can be magical, even in a big city.

All this snow talk will just be memories as we warm up this weekend into the new work week. Spring-like 60 degree weather will be with us for much of next week, but don’t worry; there is plenty of winter left.


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  • Midnight Nurse Jan 6, 2008

    10 inches of snow = 1 inch of rain...with our drought, I'll take it hindend deep to a 40 foot indian...LOL... (and I can say that since I am AI)
    Chris, this is a great memory, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of some wonderful times growing up over in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I do miss the snow, sure hope the good Lord will send us just enough to give us a taste and then let it melt into Falls lake. We sure could use it...

  • builder24car Jan 6, 2008

    I hope there's plenty of winter left, cause I sure want some good snowS as in several! I'm not talking no piddly 6" to 8" stuff, I'm wanting FEET! PLEASE!

  • UNCalumnus Jan 6, 2008

    Brian2380, go to NY, sir. I've been here all of my life. I can remember only a couple of times where the snow was above 3 inches. As for me to Florida...that's the plan one day, friend.

  • softballmom Jan 6, 2008

    70 degrees in January! I love it!

  • parr4246 Jan 6, 2008

    grenlyn1.........."I am from New Jersey. I miss the ice on the lake and the smell after a good snow fall. :)"

    you'll probably have to go back to NJ to have memories like that again......!!! The storms here are far and few between, as I'm sure you are aware........!!!!!

  • parr4246 Jan 6, 2008

    Best snow storm I remember here in NC was in January 1973, I was not quiet 5 years old but I still remember it. The storm came from the South, it blasted Georgia and SC before it hit us. I grew up in a small town, Rowland, right near the SC border by the well know area off I-95,"South of the Border". We lived in a mobile home at the time, snow drifts were as deep as our mobile home was tall! We were stranded at my grandmothers, about 5 miles away and I had to ride on a tractor to go with my parents to check on our home.

  • brian2380 Jan 5, 2008

    DisneyDaddy: Go to Florida man! I hope we get blasted with a huge storm this year. A good 9 incher with some freezing rain on top would be awesome.

  • UNCalumnus Jan 5, 2008

    I for one hope last week was winter. Now if only this week could be the beginning of Spring... that would truly be wonderful... Happy 2008 everyone!

  • grenlyn1 Jan 4, 2008

    I am from New Jersey. I miss the ice on the lake and the smell after a good snow fall. :)

  • Not a fan of roses Jan 4, 2008

    I moved here from the Midwest in 2002, but I'll never forgot a the snow storm that happened in 1997 during my senior year of high school. My little sister and I were sent home from high school b/c of the snow. My parents were stuck at their jobs. We grew up in the country and I knew that if my sister and I didn't load up on wood for the fire place my Dad would be mad!! We had just finished bring two wheel barrel loads to the house when a strange man trudged up the driveway of our acreage. The man's car had got stuck in a snow drift that covered the road. Long story short-We couldn't dig his car out and by the time we went to get the tractor a construction truck with a trailer got stuck in the lane next to the original car!! My little sister, my self, the original guy, and the men in the construction truck all stayed at the neighbors across the road for 2 days and 3 nights!! One of the gentlemen had a wife that was over-due for her 3rd baby! Now that was a snow day!!