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With the redesigned website the option to switch to metric has disappeared. I have read the previous answers from Mike regarding the selection of that option in the "current conditions" page, but it was removed. You have a good web site, but I believe many people would appreciate having the world's standard units available.

Posted November 11, 2007

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Zdenek,      Perhaps there was a transient glitch with the site when you last attempted to access the metric option, but I am unable to duplicate the issue. There is still a "Use Metric Units" link on the "Current Conditions" page that seems to work correctly when I use it. Clicking the link will cause the site to default to metric units for text-based observations and forecasts (it does not affect the forecasts that are generated graphically, such as the 5-day image) until it is switched back by clicking "Use English Units" in the same location.


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  • Mike Moss Nov 17, 2007

    Zdenek - hey, viewers and readers are the reason we're here after all! Anyway, I think the upper right hand temperature was already switching according to the metric/english selection, but the web staff was receptive to working up a capability for at least the flash 5-day and possibly the observations posted across the top of the 5-day box. I don't have a firm date for when that may be implemented, but keep an aye out!

  • zdenekholy Nov 15, 2007

    Thanks again, Mike. It is really outstanding that you guys pay attention to your viewers and readers like this. By the way, since we started exchanging these messages, the Flash-based graphic at the upper right hand corner of your main weather page showing the miniature radar map and the current conditions is now linked to my preferences and indeed shows metric information. As you say, perhaps that can be extended to the large graphic of the 5 day forecast as well, but I will be patient. Thanks again for your follow-up.
    -Zdenek Holy

  • Mike Moss Nov 14, 2007

    Zdenek, The reason it did not apply in the past is that our 5-day and other graphical forecasts on the web were literally frame captures that the meteorologists performed in the course of producing the on-air version of our shows, and we simply didn't have the additional time to go through and generate metric versions of those products. However, as we have recently implemented a Flash-based 5-day forecast on the main web page, I don't see why the numbers shown there could not be translated (and possibly the observation just above the 5-day as well) so I will suggest that change to our web developers. Thanks for your inputs!

  • zdenekholy Nov 12, 2007

    Thank you Mike for the answer. My mistake was that I assumed (wrongly) that the "current" link on the main page on top of the 5 day forecast was going to show a metric option. I now understand that this option is only available under the specific data section called "current conditions" and yes, it is still there and it works. My question should then be modified as to "why does it apply only on the text based pages and not on all the pages"? It would be just as easy to put an applet there and unless I am mistaken, there is a large population here in the RTP area that (although fully ambidextrous when it comes to Imperial, metric or US units) might prefer to have metric as a default. Thanks again, Zdenek