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Ask The Mets: Will It Snow?

Posted December 23, 2006

Will it snow this winter? Thank you!     Diana

MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Diana, I wish there was a way to provide a satisfying answer to that question. Unfortunately, the best is answer is probably that it will likely snow in our area at some point during the winter, but what we can't nail down with any confidence ahead of time is "how much, and when" which are obviously pretty important issues. With a modest El Nino pattern in place over the Pacific, long range outlooks for the winter place our area in a region that is likely to end up near normal to a little above normal temperature-wise, and with about an equal chance of above normal, normal or below normal temperatures. These kinds of generic long term averages do not give us a lot to go on in terms of figuring out more than a few days in advance whether the particular combination of simultaneous cold air and moisture availability, together with an appropriate source of lift, will all come together in the right balance for snow in our region, as opposed to periods of cool rain, sleet, freezing rain, or dry periods. The bottom line is, we could end up with a storm or two that lay down significant snow and ice, or it could be a season where we miss out. There just isn't a compelling set of reasons to lead us to one conclusion or the other.

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  • kcronr Jan 14, 2007

    Hey there Greg(THE SNOW LOVER) This is Karen Cronrath of Fayetteville NC, I have been watching the weather lately and it sure has been right down wacky. I am a snow lover here and I have been very disappointed this winter so far to have not seen at least a flurrie, Let alone snow fall but I know the conditions has to be just right for this to occur, I am hoping and praying that the conditions will be just right very , very soon to be able to see some snow...... I too will be doing the SNOW DANCE as some of the others that has emailed there comments to you all,,,,,,,,,, Well We can only wish for at least some snow here in Fayetteville, NC this year ... Take care and know that I am right in there with ya friend on wanting SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Thanks for taking is Email Karen Cronrath of Fayetteville, NC

  • johnnyreb27330 Jan 12, 2007

    One of the things I've noticed over the years is that if it warm at this part of the season, around the equinox, there is usually a large system that developes into February and March. I've also observed that the squirrels and other animals have been putting away more than the typical amount of food for this winter. The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

  • mbekland Jan 12, 2007

    For those of us who love the weather and all the surprises it brings here in NC...you can take a peek in the future by going to this url http://cirrus.sprl.umich.edu/wxnet/ if you type in your zip it will bring you to your local forecast but don't stop there. At the top of the screen you can go to features and click on maps then click on model maps. I especially like the gfs precp type map...so far the long range forecast with this map is showing snow maybe for the 17th between 9am and 12noon...however, the most interesting storm looks to be around the 24th and 25th of the month...check it out! It's fun even if it's not always right on the $$$

  • g88ky Jan 11, 2007

    I predict yet another season with NO snow!! And I get it right as much as these guys do!! So sell the treads!
    IF it were to threaten snow here the air would be too dry and it would NEVER reach the ground, there would be plenty 'O cold air, but no moisture to work with, the ground would be too warm and it'll NEVER stick, there wouldn't be enough lift to get Mr. F's rear off his sofa and come in to work, he has a contract that allows him to work 8 days a month, must be nice, it would snow 2 feet in Wilmington, or Charleston, and miss us completely or the #1 reason why it won't snow...
    because when the avg. temp during winter is 72 IT DOES NOT SNOW!! I think the term "winter" should be changed to something with more accuracy.
    FYI, snow in the viewing area DOES NOT count because your viewing area goes from the beach to the mtns. and WE DON'T CARE if it snows in Boone, Greensboro, or flippin' VA, that is NOT here!
    But tell Mr. F there's always next year!

  • annmartin Jan 6, 2007

    I am also snow dancing! I bought snow treads for my running shoes 2 years ago, still unused!
    If it can't snow here, can we please, please, at least have some decent snow in the western part of the state so we can get in a couple of good skiing weekends?

  • Just my thought Dec 27, 2006

    I'm doing a snow dance!