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Wayward skydiver rescued from water

Posted January 9, 2011
Updated January 10, 2011

— Two of three people skydiving over the North Carolina coast Saturday were blown off course and had to be rescued.

Oak Island Mayor Betty Wallace said one person landed safely at the airport and another landed on Oak Island Drive. 

The third, Laura Mullen, 43, of Southport, landed in the water about 1 mile off the Oak Island Bridge. The Coast Guard and Oak Island police worked together to find her but the marsh was too dense to reach her by boat.

A Coast Guard rescue swimmer was able to guide Mullen to a boat.

She was suffering from hypothermia and was taken to Dosher Memorial Hospital, in Southport, Wallace said.


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  • didisaythat Jan 10, 2011

    The people that say the lady should pay back the coast guard...do you think people that are in a boat and need rescueing should pay them back also? I mean they don't have to be in a boat. I would rather you be upset at the people getting unemployment benefits or food stamps and make them pay that money back.

  • stanggt Jan 10, 2011

    meargle - you are absolutely right. Being a Coast Guard Veteran, that is the job of the USCG. I have seen a lot in my career and still honor those who still serve.

    from http://www.dropzone.com/fatalities/ 2010 only had 54 fatalities.

    from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 33,808 fatalities in 2010.

    IMO, skydiving is no more dangerous than riding a motorcycle, etc.

  • meargle Jan 10, 2011

    Believe it or not...that is part of the Coast Guard's job. To help people that find themselves in distress. This was a freak occurrence that is not more unique that someone hitting a patch of ice in their car and finding themselves in trouble.

    Or maybe it is because skydiving is much more dangerous than driving a car? I'd like to see those statistics.

  • twilli58 Jan 10, 2011

    The story didn't say whether she lost her chute. If she lost her parachute, she's paid enough.

  • frogger Jan 10, 2011

    stanggt- my common sense ref had more to do with people having to be rescued after any extreme sports. You play with fire....

  • bonnnie Jan 10, 2011

    Hey yall stuff happens!

  • stanggt Jan 10, 2011

    seriously Frogger? And in no way, shape, or form does common sense have anything to do with being blown off-course whilst skydiving. you should try it sometime...maybe you'll change your opinion.

  • dwarner3 Jan 10, 2011

    I'm with frogger, I hope she has to pay the costs and to the others, I don't see any reference to outer banks, what were you referring to?? and does it matter ??

  • frogger Jan 10, 2011

    I hope they charge her for the rescue. If only you could teach common sense.

  • btneast Jan 10, 2011

    Skydiving at the outer banks and they ended up in oak island??? That's incredible

    Yep, obviously the reporter is NOT from NC.