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Wayne student accused of faking kidnapping to skip school

Posted May 12, 2011

— A Charles B. Aycock High School student was arrested Wednesday after Wayne County authorities said she made up a story that she had been kidnapped to cover for her decision to skip school.

Mychayla Sariah Allen, 16, of 103 Woodcroft Drive in Goldsboro, was charged with filing a false report with a law enforcement agency.

Deputies said Allen reported being abducted from a Hardee's parking lot in Pikeville. She told investigators that a man jumped into her car at about 7:30 a.m., pointed a gun at her and ordered her to drive.

She said she drove for several hours in Wayne and Duplin counties before finally letting the man out. He slapped her once during the ordeal, she told investigators.

Pikeville police and Wayne County deputies found several discrepancies in her story, and they said she finally admitted to fabricating the story. She told them she needed a cover story for skipping school since Aycock High administrators called her mother to report that she wasn't in class.


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  • alyssadill May 13, 2011

    You cannot blame her for this, she is obviously just a little miss guided in her life right now. We've all been there where we've freaked out and did something stupid. You cannot blame her parents for this neitherr. They're actually really great people and Mychayala is a great girl. And I'm really gonna need for you to get somes lives instead of posting comments when you really don't know how it is, I say that with love and humility of course:) the only reason I'm up here is because she is one of my closetest friends.

  • cubed32696 May 13, 2011

    You may old, but you certainly are not wise.

  • whatistheworldcomingto May 13, 2011

    Why not just tell everyone you skipped school because it is boring and you're not learning anything?

    Maybe that's her problem: She's never had the value of education instilled in her. Whether you think it's boring or not, it's something that you have to accept and work on to have a better life. (Now I'll wait for all the golo-ers to tell me about their lack of education and how they overcame it to be very successful...)

  • whatistheworldcomingto May 13, 2011

    mulcitybabe--you think it's a GOOD idea to cut class? I hope you don't have kids and if you do, I guess you'd think it was okay if they skipped school, right? Also, you think that HER punishment should be to eat lunch in the principal's office? So now faculty and staff at school should "baby-sit" her a little better?

    Maybe, just maybe, her PARENTS should enforce some consequences instead of expecting the school to do it!!!

  • KittenClaws May 13, 2011

    LOL, I bet when her mother told her that she knew she was missing from school, the girl came up with the story really quick to cover herself! Not the brightest story to make up and she certainly should have came clean before the police got involved, but she was just being a normal teenager. Cut her some slack. Posting this as "news" is only going to hurt her. She has to already deal with her parents and the police, why make her deal with mean kids harassing her about it at school?

    You've GOT to be kidding me! "Normal teenager"??? No. This will only become "normal" behavior for a teenager if other teenagers don't see the reprecussions of this silly girl's actions and if parents don't wake up and smell the coffee. Parents, society, whatever...are making things too easy on teenagers. They are young adults and need to be held to higher standards of conduct so they will grow to be successful adults and citizens who have something to offer the world instead of being a burden to everyon

  • hihuwatlu May 13, 2011

    Teens aren't always known for their intelligent decisions. Regardless of how good a kid she is or whatever else may be going on her life, she deserves to be punished harshly for this. Not only did she waste a lot of time and taxpayer money with her false claims but things like this are the reason every victim out there is initially looked at in suspicion. For all the stories on golo of alleged abductions or assaults, one of the first few comments is always that it didn't really happen. The true victims don't deserve that.

  • beecee653 May 13, 2011

    There's no permission needed to release this info. All Police reports including arrest reports are public record. Only juveniles (

  • shadow315 May 13, 2011

    Why not just tell everyone you skipped school because it is boring and you're not learning anything?

  • RonnieR May 12, 2011

    In NC at 16 you're an adult. Press needs no permission to print the facts.

  • thomasanimation May 12, 2011


    You are exactly right! Her parents allowed this story to be run to teach a lesson to her and the other kids out there.

    Geesh, your 16, you skipped school, WHO HASNT. Fess up, take your lashings and move on. Sad part that she and others dont seem to understand is while the police had to deal with her story, someone else could have been saved by the mere presence of an officer, or been on a real call that would have made a difference.